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Us, Today: Album Release Photo Recap

Article by Tyler Crusham, Staff Writer

Us, Today (not to be confused with major news outlet USA Today) released their 4th studio album titled Computant. The local experimental group played it live at the Woodward Theater: check out our photo recap above.

One day they met in a coffee shop, the next they were making music. The innovative trio claims no specific genre, they’d rather you decide. The music is freeform and ever-changing, giving more emphasis to their name. The band is made up of Kristin Agee on the vibraphone, Jeff Mellot on the drums, and Joel Griggs on guitar and synthesizer.

Also pictured are Cincy rock band Sylmar, and Dayton indie-pop duo Moira, setting the tone for Us, Today. Computant is available digitally, on CD, and on vinyl.



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