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On the Record: Coastal Club On Cincinnati and Their Upcoming Show with Moonbeau

Coastal Club

Recently I was asked to do a quick question and answer with one of Cincinnati’s favorite indie pop-rock band Coastal Club. We caught up on what they have been into, upcoming shows, new music and their favorite parts about being rock stars in the city! Check out the Q&A below and see Coastal Club June 29th at Woodward Theater for the Moonbeau album release show presented by INHAILER!

[This interview has been edited for clarity]

Q: According to your website, Coastal Club came together to create a modern indie pop-rock vibe. Do you think Coastal Club has stayed true to what it was meant to be? A: We believe that we have stayed true to our original intention and genre when we formed Coastal Club. In a lot of ways, we have developed as artists and progressed forward, but we are all on the same page as far as what we want our music to sound like and what we need to do to get it there.

Q: I remember the first time I saw you guys live was a MOTR with Beloved Youth. Your show had great energy and sounded great. What are some other venues that you like to play? A: MOTR is definitely one of our favorite venues in the city. The crowd is always great and so energetic. We also love playing the Woodward Theater, Madison Theater, Madison Live, and the Southgate House!

Q: What is a few of your most memorable shows? A: Our most memorable show was most likely with Harbour for their Holiday Bash back in December, but there have been so many great shows, it’s almost hard to keep track.

Q: Do you have a few favorite bands that you get to play with? A: We love playing with our friends. Those are always our favorite shows because it feels like a night filled with amazing music and family. Some of those bands include (but are not limited to) Moonbeau, Modern Aquatic, Sylmar, Daniel In Stereo, Beloved Youth, This Pine Box and the list goes on. Q: Being a band based out of Cincinnati and playing shows around the area, what do you think the most unique things are about the Cincinnati music scene? Would you compare it to a different area of the US? A: The most unique thing about the Cincinnati music scene is the sense of community between artists. Everyone is genuinely rooting for their friend’s projects and there is not any bad blood. We have played in many other cities, but no one supports us like our community here.

Q: So what has Coastal Club been working on recently? Can you share any details about new or upcoming music or shows? A: We are currently working on recording six songs to be released either as an EP or a series of double releases. We hope to release more release music towards the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019! Our most exciting upcoming show is opening for Moonbeau at the Woodward theatre on June 29th. We have also been playing a lot of So Far Sounds shows various different cities. Q: You have a very important show coming up with Moonbeau for their new album! The album is much anticipated by locals and fans from all over. What can we expect you guys to bring to the stage? New music? A: The album release show with Moonbeau will be a really fun show and we are so honored and excited to play with them. We will be showing off a few newer tunes and we hope to bring a new level of excitement to the stage that hasn’t been seen at previous Coastal Club shows. Q: Have you worked with Moonbeau in the past? What work have you done? A: We have worked a lot with Moonbeau in the past! They actually played our album release show at MOTR last year and since then, we have even tried to co-write and collaborate as much as possible Q: What are you most looking forward to about playing with Moonbeau and having a show at Woodward? A: We are so excited to finally play a venue show in Cincinnati again. The last venue show that we played was our show at MOTR in January, and we have been anticipating this show for a while. For the last few months we’ve focused on recording and playing out of town shows, so we can’t wait to see a lot of our friends and fans that we haven’t seen in a while! Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share and/or tell us? A: We’re so humbled and honored by every single person who has ever listened to our music and we are beyond grateful to every person that has come out to a show. We won’t stop pushing for this music and we hope to have it in your Spotify libraries so soon.

On behalf of INHAILER we want to thank Coastal Club for doing this Q&A. We look forward to the June 29 show and can’t wait to hear what you guys have been working on.



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