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Future Generations and The Lagoons: On The Record with FG

Photo credit: Baeble Music

On June 11, Brooklyn-based indie-pop group Future Generations will kick off their Midwest tour alongside The Lagoons at MOTR Pub in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. The band released their latest single, “All the Same,” on Friday, a groovy synth track perfect to furnish any summer playlist, and there is more music to come! Ryan Decker spoke with the band about their upcoming show and their partnership with The Lagoons.

Tell me a little about the band.

The band began at Fordham University in 2011. Eddie, Mike, and Eric met in the freshman dorms and began writing songs via email in their dorm rooms. Eventually Devon was added in 2014 through mutual friends and Dylan in 2016 through the great and powerful Craigslist. We now all live together in Brooklyn where we write out of the largest bedroom. We're all best friends who happen to be in a band together, yet we all bring different interests to the table whether it be a fierce love for cooking, illegally streaming NBA games day and night, gambling on horse racing, digging for records with a fervor never before seen by mankind, or bingeing on Pringles while scouring “discover weekly” playlists.

How did you link up with The Lagoons for this summer tour?

We were searching for a co-headline partner and our agent recommended The Lagoons. We looked into them and we loved what we heard and the overall vibe of the band. Hey Lagoons, if you're reading this, we can't wait to meet you!

How do your bands complement each other?

I think we bring a good range of sound to the table. A show with us and The Lagoons should satiate a variety of musical desires and take you through a well- rounded musical experience.

Have you played in Cincinnati before?

Never ever. Excited to get some Skyline Chili in our bellies though.

How did you land on MOTR to kick off the tour?

We wanted to hit some midwest markets we'd never been to before. We landed a spot at Laurelive in Cleveland so MOTR was a great logical next stop for us!

Your 2016 hit ‘Stars’ has reached serious success. Do you ever get tired of playing the song?

Never. How can you hate a song that's done so much for us as a band? We love that song!

How has the success of “Stars” influenced the direction of the band’s music?

It's given us a platform and a chance for us to expand on that platform. We all come from different musical backgrounds so our music will never always follow the same patterns from album to album. Our new music is certainly different from a song like “Stars,” but you can hear the relation as well.

Any new music on the way?

Oh yeah! “All The Same” is out now with more on the way. Landscape will be out on September 14, so we'll be trickling in some new music as we get closer to that date!

This is one show you won’t want to miss, an indie powerhouse of performers together at MOTR Pub. As always admission is free, music starts at 10pm. Be there!



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