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Moonbeau: Stop Time at Moonbeau's Album Release

Moonbeau at Bunbury. Photo credit: Brandon Adams

Time travel back to the '80s with Cincinnati’s very own synth-pop band, Moonbeau! Co-fronted by Christian Gough and Claire Muenchen, the group has a real knack for anything Ferris Beuhler-esque. Acid wash jeans, asymmetrical haircuts, fringe, and high top sneakers are just a few of their staples on stage and off. Their music is merely a reflection of how enamored they are by the era. Their nostalgia for the '80s has made an impression on the thousands of fans that have gathered to hear them relive those neon-hazed days.

Last year the group won the Best Electronic of 2017 CEA, their single “Are We In Love Yet?” was featured on MTV’s show Catfish, and just last weekend they performed at Bunbury Music Festival. Hype, dance-driven beats lunge through their sound as Moonbeau interlays catchy vocals overtop swirling guitars, sporadic keys, and rhythmic drums. Their love for new wave drives their infectious melodies accompanied by vivacious chorus lines that can speak to everyone.

The group is releasing their self-titled album later this summer online, but on June 29th they will be performing the full piece at length at the Woodward for all of those who have allowed Moonbeau to make it to where they are today. Claire from Moonbeau wanted to emphasize that this show is really dedicated to all of the fans who have given Moonbeau the opportunity to create an album with Old Flame Records. “We’ve been building this for two years now and its been this whole word of mouth type of experience…We want people to know this night will be intimate, underground, and special for all of those who have been here for us and for those people from Cincinnati that have gotten behind us” she said.

In the words of Claire, “Glitter is in the air! Dreams are coming true!” and INHAILER couldn’t agree more. INHAILER presents this extraordinary experience to offer local music lovers the chance to get the very first listen to the self-titled album dropping digitally at the end of the summer. We also teamed up with Eli’s BBQ to provide some tasty treats before the show and a meet and greet occasion with Moonbeau for those who wish to buy VIP tickets. Limited edition merchandise and surprise guests will also be a part of the entertainment for the night, along with an opening performance from the local band Coastal Club.

Four piece Coastal Club consists of vocalist and guitarist Alex Hirlinger, guitarist Alex Mobley, bassist Avery Benter, and drummer David McGuire. The never-ending-summer sounds that emanate from this group always get the crowd dancing. Their sea-side, riveting reverberations bring a lot of heat to the indie pop/rock scene in Cincinnati.

Taking part in this spectacular night means that you are taking part in what is a true, all-around homegrown event. Get out your scrunchies, your funky socks, and your best dancing shoes and join in making the evening a memorable one. If there are any notes to be taken from an act like Moonbeau—its that time ((the '80s)) is never lost, only waiting to be visited by old and new friends alike, so don’t waste yours on June 29th and come on down to the Woodward Theater!

When: Saturday, June 29th, 8:30 PM

Where: The Woodward Theater

How much: $8 in advance, $10 at the door, $15 VIP, 18+



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