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Bad Veins: Good Music and Better People with Bad Veins, Carriers and Knotts on Fountain Square

Bad Veins

Well-established alt-rock band Bad Veins will take takes the spotlight at an upcoming show on Fountain Square on May 26th. They'll be playing with other local artists Carriers and Knotts. It will be a show of all local indie music-a mix of new musicians playing with experienced artists.

Built around Curt Kiser’s sincere and dreamy songwriting, Carriers is one of Cincinnati’s newest and fastest rising indie rock bands. They’ll be on the move this summer with shows planned at the Comet, Southgate House and Bellwether Music Festival in August. Their first EP, Peace of Mine, was released this May and this summer we’re anticipating their upcoming debut album. Composed of 5 members, Curt Kiser, Cory Pavlinac, Trent Becknell, and Alex and Ashley McGrath, the band is described as “an earthy yet dreamily ethereal gem” by Cincinnati’s CityBeat. Carriers are leading the way in on a new era of the Cincinnati music, embracing the ephemeral and hypnotic sound that adds psychedelia to a classic indie rock.

Adalia Boehne is Knott’s one-woman show, giving Cincinnati their own indie dream-pop band. She started out as any other musician: an angsty teenager that wanted to live the life of a musician. Boehne has turned that frustration into present-day Knotts. The name comes from the definition of a knot, Oxford dictionary says “[a knot is] a tangled mass in something such as hair or wool.” Boehne focuses on the mess of life and the potential that it has. She now plays around Cincinnati singing heartfelt soul and indie rock music.

Coming from the streets of Cincinnati, Bad Veins is a happy accident made by multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Davis with help from Sebastien Schultz and Davis’ 1973 Pioneer reel-to-reel recorder, “Irene”. Over the course of 9 years, Bad Veins has have released 2 full albums and 5 EP/singles. The band started in 2009 with their self-titled, debut first album Bad Veins, which launched them quickly from hometown Cincinnati to a Gothamist showcase in New York. They’ve played with nationally known acts such as Walk the Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, and Frightened Rabbit. From there, they became the first recipient of the Tribeca Film Festival’s Target Music Maker Award.

It’s been 6 years since the release of Bad Veins. Their 2015 album, The Mess Remade, shows the maturity of the duo and how they’ve refined their sound and have created a balance between lo-fi and lush melodies. Davis’ talents lend the band to a kitchen-sink symphony, using overdubs, backing tracks, and a telephone to create their indie rock-pop music. Their shows are cathartic, visceral, and electrifying, allowing the audience to be fully engaged with Davis’ energetic stage presence. As described on their Facebook page, Davis states “the connection means so much” to the music, the fans, and the performance.

Fountain Square will be a night filled with all sides of indie rock and the growing Cincinnati music scene that is putting the Queen City on the map.

When: Saturday, May 26, 2018, 7 pm Where: Fountain Square How Much: Free


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