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Mary Ocher, Blossom Hall, and ADM: An Unforgettable Night at Northside Tavern

Mary Ocher for Narc Magaine

Music can take many shapes. From powerful, politically charged folk, to psychedelic alt-pop, to experimental electronica, it’s all valid artistic expression and it’s all at Northside Tavern on Friday, June 1st with the Mary Ocher, Blossom Hall, and A Delicate Motor. Be sure to be there for this night of international and local artists sharing their craft and themselves with us.

A Delicate Motor, also known as ADM, is a project of local artist Adam Petersen. The band began as a loop-based one-man show by Petersen but drummer/producer Ben Sloane and guitarist/bassist Stephen Patota quickly joined up with the project. Presently, the band has filled out with the addition of vocalist Libby Landis, vocalist/pianist Rachel Mousie and vocalist/guitarist Brianna Kelly, whom the band joined recently for her Whited Sepulchre release show. With their eclectic and relentless sound, the band has recently been signed to SofaBurn records for the release of their upcoming album, Fellover On My Own.

Joining this Cincinnati super-group is another one of our homegrown favorites, Blossom Hall. Blossom Hall creates 90’s rock with 60’s psychedelic tendencies with beautiful vocal harmonies by all three members of the band: Nancy Paraskevopoulos (also on bass and synth), Phill Cotter (also on guitar) and Zach Larabee (also on drums). The band began as a side project between Nancy and Phil with the intent of going further outside the box than other bands were comfortable with. With the recent addition of drummer, Zach, the group has been going strong for around 4 years with no signs of stopping. Earlier this year saw the release of their EP, Parasols, and they’ve got a new release in the works for 2019. Stay tuned for our Blossom Hall interview coming soon!

Headlining the show, all the way from Berlin, is Mary Ocher (sometimes known as Mariya Ocher). Mary Ocher is a singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist born in Moscow Russia. Ocher produces a lo-fi, Germanic folk sound with themes of war, crime and politics. Ocher has been producing music since she was 14 and has performed with many acts including Ariel Pink, Moby, and Soko while working with the Art of Elysium charity event in LA. Ocher’s most recent release, The West Against The People, was released on well-known krautrock/experimental label, Klangbad. Ocher is sure to deliver a powerful and mesmerizing performance. Don’t miss this wildly wonderful show with A Delicate Motor, Blossom Hall, and Mary Ocher. This June 1st show at The Northside Tavern is sure to have everything to get you thinking, feeling, and dancing.

When: June 1st an 9 PM

Where: Northside Tavern

How Much: Free, 21+



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