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Sonic Adventures: Ohmme, The Shacks and The Lovers at MOTR


Chicago’s favorite dynamic duo, Ohmme, and their creative music style alongside up-and-coming pop/soft rock band, The Lovers from Oxford, OH, and the dreamy retro rock band, The Shacks from New York are coming to Cincinnati. Head down to MOTR on May 11th to see a new wave of these modern musicians cleanse your ears with experimental tunes!

The Lovers live up to their name with every performance. With every song, their sound welcomes their audience with audible sunshine. The calming lyrics and breezy vocals by singer/songwriter and frontwoman, Marjorie Lee, along with the soothing drums of percussionist, Kristin Agee, and heart-hugging bass playing by Jon Lattier, the group presents their mellow tunes as if providing their audience with deep breaths of fresh air.

In addition to these peaceful explorations of sound, the Shacks should fit right in. All the way from Queens, NY, Shannon Wise and Max Shrager are here to take us on a trip. Their vintage soulful 60’s rock vibes will not only subdue you into a dreamlike state, cooling you down almost instantly but will cast a euphoric trance that keeps you swaying. Seductively whispered vocals by the 20-year old singer, Wise gently carries their audience along as they simultaneously float away on fluffy clouds of groovy bass and guitar riffs by Shrager.

It’s not hard to see why members of Ohmme—Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart— refer to themselves as two points that create electric chaos. Each song on their latest self-titled album seeks individuality by vibrantly expressing a wide range of guitar lingo most would find quite compelling. From the delicacy of acoustic “Ithaca” to the mesmerizing electric string arrangements in “You, Your Face,” they distinguish their resonance even further with their fine vocal harmonies, in which their voices tend to beautifully contrast yet effortlessly complement one another.

Of course, along with incredible talent, comes great experience. Each of them grew up and built music careers in Chicago alongside other up-and-coming artists. They both have managed to get their fair share of collaborations with current big names in hip-hop like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, only to move on to working side by side with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and writing string arrangements for rock‘n‘roll band, Whitney’s “Light Upon the Lake”. Being able to work with major names of fame doesn’t stop them from performing with smaller artists such as the Lovers and the Shacks.

Come to MOTR on May 11th to see how these up and coming artists uniquely tackle newness and adventure through sonic innovation out of this world!

When: Friday, May 11th at 10 PM-Midnight

Where: MOTR

How much: Free



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