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Whited Chapel: Brianna Kelly's Whited Sepulchre Release at Centennial Chapel Space

If you have never seen a concert in a chapel, now is your chance! Join artists Brianna Kelly, Wayne Robert Thomas, and A Delicate Motor for a special evening beneath stained glass windows in the beautiful Christ Church Cathedral downtown on 4th and Sycamore. Kelly will be releasing her latest EP from Whited Sepulchre and we couldn't be more excited!

Brianna Kelly has just released four new tracks in a split EP with Utah-based drone project Sympathy Pains. Marc Masters from Bandcamp said, “her thick, echoing guitar wraps around her meditative voice like grass spreading across the roots of trees and that her songs are gradual and patient but also constantly in motion.” This testament to Brianna’s music couldn’t ring more truthful.

Wayne Robert Thomas hails from Indianapolis and creates mimics a similar sound to Brianna. His acoustic driven compositions are melodic and they sway then soar with bellowing depth. He has just released his own split 12” under Whited Sepulchre Records so the crowd might be able to cheer him and Brianna on for some time on stage time together.

Last, but not least, Adam Peterson of Cincinnati will present his sound composition project A Delicate Motor. Recently signed to SofaBurn Records, this ensemble has been expanded into six pieces and is said to “consist of rhythmic, energetic, and dynamic compositions from his soon-to-be-released full-length album, Fellover My Own.”

This night is sure to be eventful and will certainly shine some well-deserved light on the homegrown Whited Sepulchre Records. Brianna Kelly will start the evening off on a soothing foot then pass the torch to Wayne Rover Thomas who will then turn it over to A Delicate Motor to shake things up a bit. The event is open seating, light refreshments will be provided, and the chapel is kid friendly. So round the troops on May 12th and come out to support three marvelous artists and Whited Sepulchre Records at the Christ Church Cathedral on May 12th!

Where: Centennial Chapel Space at Christ Church Cathedral Who: Brianna Kelly, Wayne Rover Thomas, Adam Peterson When: May 12th



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