Experience the Experimental: Sorry, Eric, Brianna Kelly, and String Machine at the Listing Loon

String Machine

The really great thing about music is that it can sound like anything. On May 19th, at the Listing Loon, Sorry, Eric, Brianna Kelly and String Machine will perform a night of their unique takes on sound. From ambient, spoken word to experimental neo-folk, the night is sure to surprise you and keep you hooked.

Sorry, Eric will be opening the show at Listing Loon. Sorry, Eric is a local experimental, spoken word style project. The band features La Dispute style stream of consciousness, observational spoken word like lyrics with absolutely none of the angst La Dispute gives. Their lyrics are delivered in a flat, conversational way and the songs are mixed in a way that the lyrics are almost just another instrument. The project is ambient, dissonant at times and most definitely interesting.

Local artist Brianna Kelly will also be adding her own vision to the night. Kelly’s sound is distinctive and beautiful. With slow building guita