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What's New on INHAILER Radio: May 1

Each and every week here at INHAILER, not only are we always on the lookout for amazing new music to play for our listeners, we’re sent music from record promoters and label reps in hopes of getting their artists on the NACC (North American College & Community Radio) charts. Think the Billboard charts but with more of a focus on not only up and coming indie artists but those big name mainstays that are now headlining music festivals around the world. Listening to all of this music is a large undertaking and there is a lot of stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut. Here are the best of our new adds:

1. Natalie Prass - The Future and the Past (Out June 1st on ATO Records)

Singer-songwriter from Richmond, Virginia is back with her second release The Future and the Past. She formed a band with Matthew E. White in 8th grade and he produced her debut album. You may know him from his song "Look At What The Light Did Now." She had the album in 2016 but after the election she decided to rewrite it saying: "I needed to make an album that was going to get me out of my funk, one that would hopefully lift other people out of theirs, too, because that's what music is all about."

Recommended if you like: Matthew E. White, Lucy Dacus, Anna Burch

What we're playing off the record: "Sisters"

2. Tash Sultana - "Mystik" (Single)

Australian solo artist and multi-instrumentalist, she can play 20 instruments and her career began through busking the streets of Melbourne. She uses a lot of looping to make her amazingly layered sounds. You can see the way she works by checking out her bedroom recordings on her YouTube page:

Recommended if you like: Sticky Fingers, Methyl Ethyl, Alex Lahey

Photo credit: Tonje Thilesen

3. Half Waif - Lavender (Cascine Records)

The passion project of Brooklyn based musician Nandi Rose Plunkett. Her debut album is brimming with Celtic melodies, electronic soundscapes, and a carefully crafted and years long process that is both fierce and beautiful.

Recommended if you like: Japanese Breakfast, Florist, Forth Wanderers

4. Oids - "Wrong Man" (Single)

One of the newest Cincinnati based bands we’re excited about, Oids dropped their debut single last week. Peter, Dylan and Chase of Injecting Strangers fill this band. A synthy, almost new-wave punk dance feel to it, we’re really excited to see what else these guys are putting out.

Recommended if you like: Devo, Future Punx, Omni

5. Confidence Man - Confident Music For Confident People (Heavenly Records)

One of the most exciting and fun acts coming out of Australia, this four-piece put out their debut last year. A mix of the goofier side of Hot Chip, cowbell-infused early LCD Soundsystem, and Beck’s genre-mixing. You will find yourself grinning and wanting to dance as soon as they come on.

Recommended if you like: Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Jagwar Ma

6. Cut Worms - Hollow Ground (Out May 5th on Jagjaguwar Records)

Cut Worms is Max Clarke, a Midwestern graphic designer and musician now based in New York. His '50s and '60s influences shines through on this collection of warm sounds. Partially recorded in Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado’s home studio, you can definitely see Rado’s lo-fi classic sounds influencing this album.

Recommended if you like: White Fence, Foxygen, Woods



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