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B There or B Square: Go Go Buffalo's B-Sides and GILT at Urban Artifact

Go Go Buffalo

One of Cincinnati’s most praised local rock‘n'roll bands, Go Go Buffalo has come home to Cincinnati to play us a show and they’re bringing punk/alternative band, GILT along with them. So get ready to immerse your ears in some heavy metallic blues with a side of some punk and hard rock on May 10th at Urban Artifact.

Go Go Buffalo’s sound is full of surprises. With Jason Drennan’s mighty drumbeats and Tyler Moore’s roaring electric guitar riffs along with some bellowing howls from vocalist, Jeremy Moore, you will find yourself banging your head along with the chaotic rhythms of each song. Their unique style of blending psychedelic, blues metal along with just the perfect amount of madness teaches us that hard rock can go beyond the traditional.

For the past few years, GGB has been on a wild ride—being nominated for Best New Artist for Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, along with performing at popular musical events around the city such as Midpoint Music Festival, and BLINK Festival. Not to mention front man Jeremy Moore and his brother Tyler, guitarist for GGB, head up Radio Artifact, a local, independent radio station dedicated to highlighting some of the best music Cincinnati has to offer. These guys are so dedicated to giving Cincy what she needs, homegrown, local music as well as a platform for other musicians, that they’ll be playing a night of their classic B-sides at their May 10th show. The boys of Go Go Buffalo show out for Cincinnati constantly, and I have no doubt they’ll bring their A-game to this night of B-sides along with FL natives, GILT

GILT is a skate-punk/hard rock band from St. Augustine, Florida. Their vocals are iconically punk, almost in a STZA, of Leftover Crack and Choking Victim, sort of way. Although GILT definitely give straight punk on tunes like “Currency” with their sample fading in, driving and fast-paced punk beat, they give us more than a one-note punk band. On tracks like “Upright, We Form Teeth,” they slow it down a bit, rely on a deep and solid bassline, and vocals soften just a touch, before pulling us up by the neck with a hard rock verse.

Come by to Urban Artifact on May 10th and treat yourself to some hard rock ear candy with a true experience by Go Go Buffalo alongside GILT on May 10th at 9 pm!

When: May 10th at 9pm

Where: Urban Artifact

How Much: FREE



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