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Young Heirlooms: Americana All Night at Star City Brewing

Kelly Fine of Young Heirlooms

Evaporate yourself into an acoustic dreamland and wade through euphonious memoirs with Cincinnati’s up and coming act Young Heirlooms. Floating is easy with these guys strumming in your ears; their music is timeless and their all-original lyrics reminisce about life with incredibly harmonious vocals. The folksy/Americana sextet fuses an array of instruments into their melodious creations; Kelly Fine (lyricist and co-writer) on vocals, mandolin, and guitar, Christopher Robinson (co-writer) on vocals, mandolin, electric, and acoustic guitar, Laura Bock on vocals and mandolin, Kyle Elkins on upright and electric bass, Steve Kauke on pedal and lap steel, and Charles Christopher Alley on drum kit and percussion make up this extraordinary group of musical storytellers. Young Heirlooms are literally picking their way to the top of some of Cincinnati and the Midwest’s best Americana music and their antique sound continues to reverberate with popularity throughout these hills and valleys.

After meeting in 2010 at a music festival in Dayton, Kelly Fine and Christopher Robinson began crafting songs together. Eight years after, Young Heirlooms first sparked their musical match and four bandmates later, the sextet is forging a reputable name. Their first album titled There By The Door debuted in 2013 and just last year they released The Hammer. Both albums are invigorating and rouse one to sway, sing, and dance while their sound swings from sweeter serenades to twangy rock. Young Heirlooms were nominated for the Folk/Americana and Best Live Act at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in 2017 and The Hammer was released shortly after to accolades from Cincinnati and national press. Their music is loved for its history that is arranged in a new contemporary setting.

Young Heirlooms channel the musical lovechild of Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, often then dipping into rhythmic, bluesy notes that mimic sounds long rooted in regions like the Appalachian Mountains. Their lyrics are clearly of medicinal quality, always promoting the act of healing even when they narrate times of sadness. The group takes listeners into their experiences with them, upholding a layer of optimism all throughout their composition. Young Heirlooms’ songs transport listeners into the unknown to the known in a matter of minutes, the way a good tale should and on May 11th you can be apart of the band’s story when you gather around the stone fireplaces at Star City Brewing for a special night of exceptional lyricism and musicianship. Young Heirlooms will perform alongside new-grass band The Repeating Arms and Dayton’s Age Nowhere for a truly remarkable evening. We know May 11th may seem rather far away, so do yourself a favor in the meantime, maybe hop in your car without a plan and roll down all the windows while you take a listen to The Hammer’s ‘Silverglade’. You simply won’t regret it, but you might not turn around.

When: May 11th

Where: Star City Brewing in Miamisburg

How Much: $9 in advance, $13 day of



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