Bunbury: Friday Night Preview

Photo credit: Music Festival Wizard

It can be tough to decide who you should see at a music festival. While there are no wrong answers, we certainly have some thoughts on Bunbury's smorgasbord of artists! Here’s some info on each of the INHAILER-recommended bands from Friday’s lineup:

Welshly Arms You can get your blues-rock fill with Cleveland band Welshly Arms. They are best known for their song, “Legendary,” which WWE used as its pay-per-view show TLC’s theme song. They plan to release their latest album in the first half of this year.

More on Welshly Arms here!

Everything Everything British indie rockers Everything Everything blend rock, pop, and hip-hop elements into a fantastic mix so upbeat, you won’t be able to stop dancing. The band pulls inspiration from a variety of groups, spanning from the Beatles to Radiohead and even R. Kelly. The band has released four albums to date and won UK Single of the Year for their track “Kemosabe” at the 2014 Music Producers Guild Awards.