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Sitting Down with Sledge

Photo credit: Brian Glass

It may seem crazy, but were pretty sure Matt Sledge came out of the womb with headphones on. With WNKU gone and INHAILER trying to pick up the torch, we had our eye on Sledge. He was a hard fish to catch, but luckily he thought that we were pretty cool so he jumped on board. Once on ship we got the chance to sit down with the adored DJ and ask him some anticipated questions!  

Where did you grow up? That's a loaded question. I was born in Scranton, PA. I was transported to Bethel, OH when I was a mighty six months old, and then six years (and many head bumps) later I was relocated to Oxford, OH until 2004. So... let's say I grew up in Oxford. That'll work. Did your upbringing affect your musical taste and why/how? I was brought up on a healthy diet of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, ELO, I could go on and on... my parents were solid in my musical upbringing. It took me a number of years to appreciate all those artists but once it clicked, hoo boy. Where did you attend highschool and college (if so)? High school? Talawanda in grand ol' Oxford, Ohio USA. College? Miami for two years, followed by a year at the Ohio Center For Broadcasting in Cincinnati. While I was there, I started interning and working at something called 97X. You might have heard of it. What kind of hobbies were you interested in during either of these times? Music and radio. Current hobbies? Not much has changed. The answer you seek is in the last question. Favorite album right here right now in the moment?! Right here, right now? That's a song by Jesus Jones from the album Doubt. Seriously though...Number one forever with a bullet is Abbey Road by The Beatles. Longest standing love for a musician and why? I'd have to say it's probably Rob Fetters. His body of work speaks for itself. The dude can write - and craft - a song with the best of them. Plus, he's just a really *nice* guy. What do you see yourself doing in the next five years? I'll paraphrase from the late, great poet of our time, one Mister Tom Petty: The future is wide open. : What’s one of the funniest things that has ever happened to you? Funniest? My parents are going to read this, so I won't mention that one time with the peanut butter, toilet paper, Elmer's Glue, a Chevy Citation and three or four of my friends. Oh. Wait a minute...

Favorite color? I would say black, like my soul - but ... nah. Red. I like red. How did you get involved with Inhailer? I had been talking to Coran when he first came up with the idea for INHAILER but I didn't get involved at the time because 1) I was still involved with closing up shop at WNKU and 2) I knew I wanted some time away from radio related things for a while to process what was next. I had personal issues to take care of first and foremost, and that was more important to me to get things squared away before I decided to tackle things here. So, here we are now... entertain us. What has been the best thing about DJing at Inhailer thus far? All the free beer that I have procured. Where do you work/what do ya do? What do I do for a living? Filling out questionnaires with sarcastic answers that may or may not be true. Someday it might make me rich and famous. Do you previous professional experience you would like to mention? Most everybody knows what I have done, but here goes: Worked at 97X from 1994-2004, spent about a year and a half at in 2008-2009, and WNKU from 20015-2017. What was I doing in between those gaps? Wandering this scorched earth, looking for signs of intelligent life.  

Catch Sledge every Friday from 7 to 9 PM on INHAILER Radio.



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