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They Might Be Giants: Off The Wall At Madison Theater

Photo credit: Facebook

Even if you don’t know They Might Be Giants, you know They Might Be Giants. Beginning as a small post-punk underground garage duo, the band has blossomed into a well-known modern rock group that reinvents the humor in rock.

Fresh off their newest 15-track album, They Might Be Giants covers hits such as “Istanbul” (originally by The Four Lads) while creating new, energetic beats such as “Birdhouse in Your Soul,” full of tongue-in-cheek humor and catchy melodies. Playing since 1982, They Might Be Giants have released songs and albums intended for all ages, from their more “kid’s appeal” Grammy-winning album Seven to their “adult-rock” sound on their latest release, I Like Fun.

Originating in Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, John Flansburgh and John Linnell started They Might Be Giants as a duo and expanded with a backing band. Flansburgh fills two different roles, acting as a writer and singer as well as the rhythm guitarist for the iconic band. He brings a leadership role to the group, focusing on their live acts and promotions. Linnell, a singer, songwriter, and multi-discipline musician, brings the variety of instruments and unusual lyrics. His skill on the accordion, baritone, bass saxophone, clarinet, and keyboard helps give the group it’s famously quirky nature. The two Johns describe their name as not an anticipation of future success but just an outward-looking phrase that they liked. They’ve released 20 studio albums since then and have been featured on Conan as well as recording the theme song for both the sitcom Malcom in the Middle and the kid’s program Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The band focuses on the bizarre and wonderful of music. Their live performances clearly demonstrate the fun-loving nature of their music and the wide variety in their discography. They Might Be Giants just has a good time on stage with an off-the-wall and unforgettable performance.

When: Tuesday, April 17, 8:00 PM; doors open at 7:00

Where: Madison Theater

How much: $30, or $27 online advance



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