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Toon Town: Swampy Rhythmic Album Release at Northside Tavern

Photo credit: Alyssa Ryan

Toon Town’s swampy, psychedelic rock is twisted and revived in a ghostly take on bayou blues. The Cincinnati band is releasing their first full-length album, Stay Lost, two years after their EP, The Great Dissolve. Join them at the Northside Tavern for a first look at their latest sound!

From Cincinnati’s Northside, Alex Otto, Adam Stone, and Sasha Suskind revive Southern rock into Stay Lost, taking The Great Dissolve a step into the ghostly side of music. Fresh and full of life, Toon Town promises a modern, spooky, and experimental swing take on rock in the album's teaser song, "Stay Lost." The lead single is introduced with swampy guitar and accompanied with unknown screeches, slowly slipping into the twang of Toon Town’s vocals in their newly-discovered sound. Their music has the mood of The Black Keys, Beaten Awake, and Dr. Dog’s album The Psychedelic Swamp; a rhythm that’s easy to move to.

The lineup is full of local artists from across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Playing with Toon Town are the Perfect Children, Wonky Tonk, and Liam Hall of Common Center. The Perfect Children’s live performances are infamously intense, with a collection of gospel, soul, blues, and garage rock sounds. Wonky Tonk is an established bluegrass and folk artist, a self-proclaimed "cowgirl." Based in Covington, she has released five albums since her start in 2015. Liam or Billy "The Bee" Hall is one of seven pieces in Covington’s own Common Center. He's a perfect fit for this lineup with his progressive rock and folk influences.

Toon Town’s Stay Lost release is an unexpected, captivating turn from the band’s previous EP. INHAILER will be anxiously awaiting the release in Northside Tavern, enjoying the diverse collection of local music along the way!

When: Friday, March 30, 9:00 PM

Where: Northside Tavern, in the Back Room

How much: Free! 21+



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