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Malcolm London: Poetic Hip-Hop At The Woodward Theater

Photo credit: Rosario Edwards

As a poet, educator, and activist, Malcolm London stays busy. Between curating Ted Talks with the likes of John Legend and organizing marches in Chicago, London still has time to create moving, current and intimate songs that reflect these experiences. On March 28th, London will be performing music from his new EP, Right Away Series, along with local rap collective TRIIIBE and Emmaline.

Malcolm London hails from the both dangerous and deeply familial westside of Chicago. London first debuted in the public eye as a poet in 2011, winning Chicago’s Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry festival. London’s winning poem, "High School Training Ground," comments on high school’s role in perpetuating classism and division among its students and was performed by him in a 2013 Ted Talk on improving the education system. The culmination of all of this talent and experience ultimately led to London releasing his first EP, Opia, in 2016.

At the upcoming show, London will be promoting his latest EP, Right Away Series. The EP is six tracks of smooth, stripped down tracks with lyrics ruminating on everything from current political events to his interpersonal relationships. The intimate yet carefree storytelling of this EP as well as its swaying and melodic beat is reminiscent of Anderson .Paak’s jazzy, borderline R&B style of hip-hop. London’s sound is influenced by his poetic nature, juxtaposing soaring metaphorical lyrics and smooth conversational delivery over simplistic beats that allow the lyrical content to shine.

Malcolm London has chosen to create and live with passion and allows a fascinating glimpse into the complexity of life as a poet from westside Chicago. London is sure to bring an unforgettable learning experience along with a powerful performance to The Woodward!

When: Wednesday, March 28, 7:00 PM

Where: Woodward Theater

How much: $12, or $10 online advance


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