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Beloved Youth and Coastal Club: Upbeat Indie Harmony at MOTR Pub

You need look no further than MOTR Pub for local band matches made in heaven. Case in point: Coastal Club and Beloved Youth!

Coastal Club (above, in the van) began as Local Waves in 2016, but changed their name after accidentally being called Local Natives at a show with Motherfolk. The idea of spending time at the beach with people you love is the feeling that inspired the name change and that they hope their songs evoke. The Cincinnati four-piece consists of vocalist and guitarist Alex Hirlinger, guitarist Alex Mobley, bassist Avery Benter, and drummer David McGuire. With upbeat tunes like “Make It By,” you won’t stop dancing. The band is just playing locally, building their influence in Cincinnati and the surrounding cities, before they plan any kind of tour.

Local alt-rock act Beloved Youth (above, being adorable) formed in 2012 and released their latest EP, Teeth, in September of last year. Childhood friends Sean McGee, Nate Nunemaker, Sam Iles, and Nolan Milar put on a high energy show with their guitar-driven melodies and conversational lyrics that will leave you wanting more. They create a fun, positive, and unifying experience for listeners; they're quite active on social media and are very responsive to fans' comments.

Find both Coastal Club and Beloved Youth on INHAILER Radio or on Bandcamp!

When: Saturday, January 27, 10:30 PM; doors open at 10

Where: MOTR Pub

How much: Free!



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