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Moonbeau: Dance Party at the Southgate House Revival

Cincinnati supernova act Moonbeau will bring it home on December 22nd to the Southgate House Revival, along with Bliss Nova, PALACES, and Kuber. Voted "Best Electronic" in the 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, the trio brings '80s inspired pop flow to the stage. CityBeat called them an "infectious brand" capable of "caressing eardrums in the comforts of home" with their summer online debut of "Are We In Love Yet?"

The band, fronted by Claire Muenchun and Christian Gough along with Alex Murphy-White on drums, enjoys hyped synth rhythms and gated drums. Warbling guitar riffs intermingle with rich choruses to create a uniquely well-manicured '80s sound. The group truly embodies a new harmony in which to nostalgically celebrate life. Their sound fits right in with the vibes of Tears For Fears, Soft Cell, Eurythmics, Men Without Hats, and all those other early synth-pop bands that come to mind when you think of '80s music.

This act is just beginning to enter its moment. Moonbeau recently released their second online single, "In Your Lifetime," and has played the Urban Outfitters Music Festival and opened the Fountain Square Indie Summer Concert Series for nationally-reknowned DJ Com Truise. Don’t miss a beat - check them out when they come around just before the holidays! You won't be able to stop yourself from dancing along.

When: December 22, 8 PM

Where: Southgate House Revival

How much: $10, or $7 in advance



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