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Dawg Yawp: Q&A

CEA-winning sitar-acoustic duo Dawg Yawp take the stage at the Woodward Theater tonight for a homecoming performance after their fall regional tour. And as a bonus incentive, they'll be shooting a video! Our own Leila Srouji interviewed the band to get to their musical roots and find out what's next for them.

Q - So Tyler and Rob, first of all, congratulations! Your music is folktastic and we love it. I was so happy to discover you guys are originally from Cincinnati. How has this great city shaped your music? Does city life inspire the more electronic side to the tunes?

A - We are from Cincinnati and have been working here for about two years. Cincinnati has been inspiring our music for a while now... when we moved back from living out of town for so many years, we both fell in love with the folk/river music of groups such as The Tillers in Cincinnati. City life for sure inspires us and the electronic sounds incorporated in our music... a relationship with electricity and technology in general does. We have been interested in synthesizers since we heard things like Terry Riley’s "A Rainbow In Curved Air," The Who’s "Baba O’Riley" and the French down-tempo electronic duo Air.

Q - Now that you guys are touring nationally, what have been some of the best moments on the road? The worst?

A - Being on the road this past month has been amazing! A highlight for sure was playing at Rockwood Music Hall and having the warmest New York City reception we’ve had so far. It was really just an amazing night, the sound was great. Lots of old friends and new fans came out and the room was just super vibrant and felt incredible. We played really well, too. The highest points so far have just been in musical moments when everything just clicks, it’s magic! T

The lowest points, or toughest to get through, are those late night drives after the gigs to get to another city after playing a show, packing up, and having to roll down the road for a few more hours. Sleep has been challenging to get enough of on tour, but when we play each night it’s all worth it!

Q - Is there a particular area of the US where you’ve found your music really speaks to people?

A - There’s no particular area so far that has felt more connected to our music than others... It’s been amazing meeting people that have been affected by our music all over. People hear different influences and are very excited to share what the music means to them. It’s totally surreal and so many people have come out and are already familiar with our songs via Spotify or our Tiny Desk Concert or just hearing about us through the grapevine of their friends and family. It’s humbling...

Q - How is this video shoot going down? Do I need to act natural?

A - The video shoot is going to be great! We are so excited to film at one of our favorite hometown venues, the Woodward Theater, and share some new material with everyone.

Yeah! Just act natural and be yourself! We are excited to just capture everyone’s raw feelings in the moment of the evening. It’s going to be really special. :)))

Q - Last but not least, what can we expect in the future from you?

A - In the future, you can expect more genuine music from our hearts to be played and written and recorded for anyone and everyone. We have recorded about an LP’s worth of new material and hope to release it in some form or another next year. Can’t wait to put it out there!



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