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Modern Aquatic: Soul Step Brewer's Series

Modern Aquatic feeds an endless summer soul. While their sound is wavy and upbeat, their lyrics are romantic and memorable. The local Cincinnati band features five contributing members: Geovanny Esquivel, Kyle Kubiak, Max Maley, Anthony Maley, and Chase Stephens. The group has been collectively influenced by a number of different names including Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, and Vampire Weekend.

In January 2016, they released their first EP, Beach Monsters, and a year later released two singles: "Edgar Allan Poe Was a Hardcore Dancer" in April of this year, and "CBL" the following month. In July they debuted their second EP, Laurel Leaves, composed of six three- to four-minute songs. The first song on the EP opens with a captivating riff that rides out into the magnetic chorus line "I’ll take you away to where the sun shines, so bright so bright, you can stare at the stars at night, you can tell me anything you like."

Their biography reads, "We play music that will make you dance," and the testament surely rang true as their album permeated throughout my apartment on a lovely Monday morning. It doesn’t take much time before you find yourself singing along to their charismatic tunes and partaking gleefully in the buoyant melodies.

Come out and show your support for local music this Wednesday at Rhinegeist Brewery. Modern Aquatic will take the stage as a part of the Soul Step Records Brewers Series. You can also pick up an exclusive Soul Step 7", featuring both "Laurel Leaves" and "CBL." INHAILER will see you on the dance floor!

When: November 22, 8:00 PM

Where: Rhinegeist Brewery

How much: Free!



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