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Diet Cig: Pop-Punk at the Woodward

If you want to spice up a routine Monday night, look no further than Diet Cig at the Woodward Theater. This American pop-punk duo will throw you back to your beloved, regretful teenage days with their straightforward, storytelling lyrics and garage punk instrumentals.

Singer and guitarist Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman got their start when they met at a house party in New Paltz, NY, in 2014. As Alex tells it, she interrupted Noah during his show in order to retrieve a lighter, and the rest was history. Their first interactions, though ordinary, mark their eccentric musical narrative. Diet Cig began mostly over coffee and eggs at their favorite bistro in New Paltz, hence their first EP title: "Over Easy." Written by Alex, they recorded the EP in its entirety on the night of Halloween 2014 and later released a second EP, "Sleeptalk/Dinner Date 7."

Their debut album "Swear I’m Good At This" was released in April 2017. The band was featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series in August later that year. NPR's Bob Boilen wrote, "the high energy blast that musicians often reserve for their finale is the starting point for Diet Cig." Their lyrics often reminisce on the awkward encounters of adolescence and the feelings that go along with it. Luciano’s voice is angelic and her stage presence full of energy, while Bowman’s drumming catapults their sound into perfect deliverance. Together, the two create nostalgia encapsulated in song. See you at the Woodward for a trip down memory lane!

When: November 27, 8:00 PM; doors at 7

Where: Woodward Theater

How much: $15, or $13 advance



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