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Pere Ubu: Avant-Garage at the Woodward

The self-proclaimed "avant-garage" band Pere Ubu weirds it up at the Woodward this Tuesday. Pere Ubu combines traditional garage rock and blues induced tunes with more experimental notes of the ‘avant-garde’ genre to create one of the most bizarrely enjoyable musical entertainment pieces of their time.

Having performed for almost 45 years, they currently consist of seven rotating members. The group has released sixteen studio albums and seventeen singles and EP’s since they emerged from Cleveland in 1975. David Thomas, the lead singer and only original member of the band, describes his art as "the gestalt of culture, geography, and sound." The group has performed internationally in Spain, France, and Austria to name a few and their sound is peculiar, angsty, and rooted in theatrical performance. Joe Crushley described this eclectic ensemble as "the missing link between The Velvets and punk" and Greil Marcus said Pere Ubu "boards a train that passes through a modern nation as if it were an ancient land."

Come see what’s up with all the hype; we're certain this will be a memorable evening.

When: Tuesday, November 21st, 8:00 PM

Where: Woodward Theater

How much: $25, or $20 advance



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