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THE A LIST (6.7.24)

Cults returns for a third week, along with another appearance from Dehd, on the A List this week! A new month calls for many new artists rising to the top. Cincinnati natives Coast Off and Coastal Club are welcomed, along with Dr. Dog, Aaron Frazer, and more!

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10. "Mood Ring" - Dehd

Dehd wows us for the third week in a row! Ranked at #5 last week, "Mood Ring" was first released as a single on January 31 and is the third track on their latest album, Poetry. It meshes with the upbeat, easy-listening theme of the rest of the album and it has us grooving along. (Pitchfork shares their thoughts on the album here.)

Dehd (Emily Kempf, Jason Balla, and Eric McGrady) has both U.S. and Europe dates scheduled for later this year, including two shows in their native city of Chicago on November 12 and 13 at Thalia Hall. Tickets for both Chicago shows have sold out since we last saw you, but tickets to their next closest show in Atlanta on October 25 are still available.

9. "Boom Boom Back (feat. Beck)" - Hinds

Hinds earns spot #9 this week with "Boom Boom Back (feat. Beck)", released on May 7 with partnering track, "Coffee". This catchy, upbeat tune is a look into what's to come on their new album, VIVA HINDS, releasing on September 6. (Pitchfork's article on Hinds here.)

Hinds (Carlotta Cosials and Ana García Perrote) will make their way to the U.S. later this year, making stops in Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland Heights and more.

8. "Payback" - Aaron Frazer

Aaron Frazer joins the list with his new beat-heavy tune, "Payback". "Payback" was released on April 10 alongside another track, "Into The Blue". His upcoming and second album, Into The Blue, will release on June 28. His first album, Introducing..., was released in 2021.

Aaron Frazer begins his Into the Blue tour in September, playing shows in both the U.S. and Europe. His closest show will be in Indianapolis at HI-FI on September 21, a few short weeks before touring in his native city of Baltimore on October 8 at Ottobar. Other tour dates can be found here.

7. "Crybaby" - Cults

Cults is back again with their single, "Crybaby". This is the newest release after their single "3000 Miles" with The So So Glos came out in June 2023. Cults (Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion) have many upcoming shows across the U.S. later this year, such as Lollapalooza in Chicago, Atlanta and Cuyahoga Falls.

The duo is scheduled to visit Cincinnati on September 20 at the ICON Festival Stage at Smale Park with Vampire Weekend.

6. "Punxsutawney" - Coast Off

Coast Off of Cincinnati joins us with their newest release, "Punxsutawney"! Their single made its debut on May 24, nearly a year since their last album, The Big Split, was released. "Punxsutawney" was recorded at Marble Garden Studios in downtown Cincinnati, which has played a role in many other local musicians' discographies, such as previous A-Lister Moonbeau and Willie & The Cigs.

While no upcoming shows have been announced just yet, be sure to keep up with Coast Off on Instagram for the latest news and updates.

5. "Conversation" - Coastal Club

Cincinnati's Coastal Club sparks "Conversation" this week on the A List! With wavy guitar, relatable lyrics, and a prominent beat to dance to, we just couldn't get enough. "Conversation" is the latest release after their previous single, "Cigarettes", came out in April.

On Monday, Coastal Club announced that the newest and final single, "Lost My Head", from their upcoming project will release on June 14. All Of The Things You Said comes out on July 19 and is currently available to preorder.

Coastal Club (David McGuire, Avery Benter, and Alex Hirlinger) has not announced any upcoming shows, but requests can be made here.

4. "The Moon Is In The Wrong Place" - Shannon and The Clams

Shannon and The Clams earns #4 with their track, "The Moon Is In The Wrong Place". First released as a single in January, it is the 8th song off of their latest album The Moon Is In The Wrong Place, nearly 3 years since their last album Year Of The Spider came out in 2021.

Shannon and The Clams (Shannon Shaw, Cody Blanchard, Will Sprott, and Nate Mahan) started their tour last month in Columbus at Ace of Cups, and will be making their way around to various U.S. cities. Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis and more are scheduled before they close out the tour in their native city of Oakland on October 19 at the Fox Theater. Their European tour starts and ends in November.

3. "Talk Is Cheap" - Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog's "Talk Is Cheap" takes spot #3 this week, off of their latest single from April 24. Other recent tracks include "Tell Your Friends" and "Still Can't Believe", previewing their upcoming and self-titled album that is scheduled to release on July 19.

You may know them a bit extra from their track that exploded in popularity on Tiktok, "Where'd All the Time Go?", released in 2010. Dr. Dog is no stranger to the well-deserved attention, currently having over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Dr. Dog has two upcoming shows listed: their native city of Philadelphia on July 13 with Kevin Morby and The Teeth, and a sold out show on July 18 with Fruit Bats in Morrison, CO. It's likely more shows are to come after the album's release.

2. "In Front of Me Now" - Nada Surf

Nada Surf wins our hearts with their persevering and hopeful track, "In Front of Me Now". This is the first single from their upcoming album Moon Mirror, scheduled to release on September 13. Moon Mirror will be their first album since 2021's release, Cycle Through. Active since the 1990s, their sound has lightened over the years, but the feelings their lyrics evoke has remained.

Nada Surf (Matthew Caws, Daniel Lorca, and Ira Elliot) will be on the Moon Mirror tour this fall with special guest Office Dog, playing shows in their native city of New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and more.

1. "Crosseyed and Painless (Talking Heads Cover) (feat. Money Mark)" - Chicano Batman

Showing up at #1 on the A List is Chicano Batman's Talking Heads cover "Crosseyed and Painless" featuring Money Mark. The Los Angeles trio has already had a busy year so far, releasing their newest album in 4 years, Notebook Fantasy, in March.

"Crosseyed and Painless" is the last track on Everyone’s Getting Involved: A Tribute To Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense that was released on May 17. Other artists on this tribute include previous A-Lister bombshell, Miley Cyrus, Paramore, and Lorde. (Stereogum talks more about the album here.)

Chicano Batman (Eduardo Arenas, Carlos Arévalo, and Bardo Martinez) have upcoming shows in Seattle, Portland, Denver and Los Angeles before heading to Europe and Mexico later this year.

Same time next week? Thanks for joining us for this week's A List!

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