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THE A LIST (5.3.24)

Back again for the third week in a row are regulars Mount Kimbie and The Black Keys! Other returners include Blitzen Trapper, Blondshell, and Caribou. Sheer Mag shines bright on their new album Playing Favorites. We're so excited for all that's to come in May!

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10. "Cosmic Backseat Education" - Blitzen Trapper

Sliding up from #1 on The A List, Blitzen Trapper continues to impress us on their new single-with-style, Planetarium. The song "Cosmic Backseat Education" was released on April 16 along side three other songs: "Planetarium," "Hello Hallelujah," and "Cheap Fantastical Takedown." Call me crazy, but I’m picking up a Bob Dylan influence here — the band’s folk side really came out on this one, and it allows you to close your eyes and be gently carried through the story they’re telling.

9. "Docket" - Blondshell

Blondshell moves up one spot on our charts this week with her latest single "Docket," released on March 26th. Wow, what a voice! This is the latest release from Blondshell after her self-titled album came out in April 2023. Blondshell, otherwise known as American musician Sabrina Teitelbaum, first started her career using the name BAUM. She had good success there, and even more since the switch. Partnering together with Bully on this song, we hear a rock style with a strong yet beautiful female voice flashing through. Blondshell has many upcoming shows across the US and Europe later this year, look into them here.

8. "Every Time You Leave" - The Black Keys

Hello again, The Black Keys! The band returns yet another week to make an appearance on The A List after the release of their album Ohio Players nearly a month ago (April 5). Their tried and true refined blues rock sound hasn’t failed to impress us on this album. A movie released on March 11th, titled This Is A Film About The Black Keys, gives us insight into their permanence as a popular musical unit. We see behind the scenes into their start, their battles with each other along the way, and what has made them the band we know today. The Black Keys will return to the US for a show on July 6th in Chicago after a stint in Europe. 

7. "The Dream" - Still Corners

"We’re in a dream /

We’re in a dream /

And maybe it’s a dream within a dream"

Still Corners is back again this week on The A List, a duo comprised of vocalist Tessa Murray and man of many instruments, producer Greg Hughes. This track is quite literally dreamy. It paints a picture of taking a train through the night with a glowing jewel of a moon in the sky, and green waves breaking in the water. We hear these waves in the sweet, misty sadness -- the melancholy tone -- of the instrumentals in this track in how they build, break, and flow. Over a span of 7 years, this is Still Corners’ 6th album. Titled Dream Talk, it came out back on January 23rd. Check out their official website here to stay up to date on the latest.

6. "Hurricane" - Lionlimb

Making an appearance this week is New York native Lionlimb with their new single "Hurricane," a lead to an upcoming album titled Limbo. We’re flush with excitement anticipating the release of this album! Keep track of their releases on their Bandcamp website!

5. "Honey" - Caribou

Back for the second week, London-based Caribou (Dan Snaith) is in our top 10 with his new upbeat track "Honey". This electronic dance track has a funky beat that entices you to get up and move your body with it! This track released on April 8th, a smidge over 3 years since his last release. Caribou performs with a live band at concerts, which is interesting because he doesn’t use them to produce his music. Regardless, it makes for thrilling shows. We do hope a tour is in the cards for him soon. Check out Caribou’s website here.

4. "Changes" - Empire Of The Sun

Empire Of The Sun hits us with yet another electrifying number!  They have some of the best vibes out there audible in their music, and their new single "Changes" is no stranger to their tradition of creating groovy, upbeat tracks. Formed in 2007, this band has impressive longevity in terms of both the quality of their music and its relevance to the scene. We are happy to see them sharing new stuff, and there is speculation that we may even get a new album this year. Check out their new music video (shot in Thailand!) for Changes below.

3. "Dust" - Say Lou Lou

"Dust," a track from Australian band Say Lou Lou’s new EP, shows us the magic that happens with a little girl power! The duo describes their record as “going through the motions and realizing that love always looks clearer in the rear view mirror.”

We are big fans of this one. Visit their website to see tour dates, new music, and more here.

2. "Shipwreck" - Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie  returns this week, remaining at #2 with a track off their fourth albumThe Sunset Violent, which released on April 5th. This mellow track has ethereal backing vocals and swirly guitar sounds that combine to create a beautiful atmosphere. Yet another A List track from a band we can't get enough of. Check out their discography on their Bandcamp page here.

1. "Playing Favorites" - Sheer Mag

Sheer Mag takes the top spot this week with their new song "Playing Favorites," the title track of their newly arrived album. Lead singer Tina Halladay graces us with a masterful display of her musical ability on this one -- she's an absolute vocal powerhouse. Sheer Mag is reminiscent of a 70’s classic rock era band with a modern twist; Halladay’s vocals carry them back to that period of rock, but we also hear modern instrumentals giving it that extra spice. We hope you love this track as much as we do, and encourage you to check out their other releases here!

Same time next week? Thanks for joining us for this A List!

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