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THE A LIST (4.26.24)

Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys continue their streak of A List appearances this week! New chart entries from several artists - Boy Bandicoot, Still Corners, Caribou, and Blondshell - are welcomed.

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10. "Docket" - Blondshell feat. Bully

Blondshell enters the charts this week with their latest single, which released on March 26. This is the newest release after their self-titled album came out in April 2023. Blondshell has many upcoming shows across the US and Europe later this year.

9. "Honey" - Caribou

London-based Caribou made the top 10 this week with their new upbeat track "Honey". This track released on April 8, a smidge over 3 years since their latest release.

8. "Iguana" - Man Man

Man Man made the list this week with their newest single "Iguana,"- a song that was released with a second song, "Tastes Like Metal" (See what Stereogum has to say about it here) Man Man has a plethora of upcoming shows, including one in Louisville at The Whirling Tiger on June 13.

7. "The Dream" - Still Corners

Still Corners' light, laid-back track entered the list this week. "The Dream" is the second track off of the bands' new album Dream Talk, which released on April 5.

In their music video for this stellar track, Still Corners makes it easy to be nostalgic for a Wes Anderson referenced, train worthy romance in sonic form. Still Corners has successfully accomplished the assignment of creating ambient pop that can assign to any vibe. When it comes down to it - you can't fake being good.

We're just glad we got to witness this effortless ebb and flow between story and arrangement.

Support the band by streaming and buying their record, DStill Corners' upcoming tour dates can be found here.

6. "Gen-X Cops" - Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is starting to feel like family around here. "Gen-X Cops" dropped from #2 on The A List last week, but the band still has a grip on the charts after their newest album Only God Was Above Us released on April 5. Vampire Weekend will be in Cincinnati on September 20 at the ICON Festival Stage.

5. "Torn Apart" - Boy Bandicoot

Boy Bandicoot makes an appearance this week with their newest single "Torn Apart", which released on March 29. Boy Bandicoot will be playing a show at MOTR Pub on April 27.

4. "This Is Nowhere" - The Black Keys

The Black Keys' "This Is Nowhere" rises on the list this week from #10 last week. This track is off their latest album Ohio Players, which came out on April 5.

The Black Keys will be on tour and visiting the general area around the end of October. Louisville, Columbus, Indianapolis are all on the map - tour dates can be found here.

3. "Slug" - Matt Champion

Matt Champion enters the list this week with "Slug". This track is off Champion's debut album Mika's Laundry, which came out on March 22.

Champion hails from a different era, in which Brockhampton was still making self produced basement rap. We do miss those days, but we are glad Matt pulled through (actually, Brockhampton's self declared 'boy band' has led to so many great solo projections... worth mentioning - absolutely anything that Kevin Abstract touches turns to gold)

We are here for ya, fella. Because who doesn't want to get sad to hip-hop.. alone or with your besties alike?

2. "Shipwreck" - Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie is back for another round of the list this week with a track off their new, fourth album The Sunset Violent, which released on April 5. This laid-back, mellow track is an easy listen.

1. "Cosmic Backseat Education" - Blitzen Trapper

Showing up at #1 on the A List, Blitzen Trapper impresses us with their new single Planetarium. Their song "Cosmic Backseat Education" was released on April 16 along side three other songs: Planetarium, Hello Hallelujah, and Cheap Fantastical Takedown. This relaxing track is an immediate favorite.

Same time next week? Thanks for joining us for this A List!

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