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Post-Punk Rockers Priests tackle American Identity in the 21st century with The Seduction of Kansas

The Post-Punk D.C. based band Priests have recently released their sophomore album, The Seduction of Kansas. It is a notably mature sound for the band comparatively to their debut from 2017, Nothing Feels Natural. The album was a bit of a transitory experience in its crafting with member lineup changes underway, particularly with Taylor Mulitz departing to focus on his band Flasher. Indeed, The Seduction of Kansas feels like a pure Priests record, perhaps for returning to the original lineup of vocalist Katie Alice Greer, drummer and part-time vocalist Daniele Daniele, and guitarist G.L. Jaguar. The trio stretches the limits of just three humans making music together and it is in this stretching and growing musically that The Seduction of Kansas really soars beyond a typical sophomoric effort.

The Seduction of Kansas opens with “Jesus’ Son” and sets the tone for a brash exploration of American identity. The title track tackles predatory advertising and rampant consumerism with a catchy chorus hook, “It's you, I'm the one who loves you/It's true, I'm the one who loves you/It's you, I'm the one who loves you/I'm the one, I'm the one.” Other standout tracks include, “Carol” and “Control Freak” the latter which definitely feels more like the Priests’ debut album. Though “Interlude: I Dream This Dream In Which My Body Is My Own…” seems a bit strange, it’s a nice departure for the album and an opportunity for drummer/vocalist

Daniele Daniele to shine in quieter track with just vocal and guitar, an almost afterword for the story of the album.

Priests are currently touring in support of The Seduction of Kansas and you can stream their album from Spotify as well as purchase a physical copy and your local record shop. You can find more tour info at their website.


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