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New Cincinnati Artist Jay Madera To Release His Debut Single 'Curb Appeal' On Friday

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This week, an infectious breakup anthem - written by local songwriter Jay Madera – will be released to your favorite streaming platform. Taking influence from Cincinnati legends 'The National', Curb Appeal is the story of a love lost and a groove found; it is as much of a toe-tapper as it is a testament to the power of moving on.

With a diverse style of instrumentation, Jay Madera’s indie rock feel, with added folk noir, electro-pop, and gothic rock textures, provokes unfettered sentiment and introspection as a memorable songwriter unafraid to push on your emotional buttons.

Curb Appeal has Cincinnati written all over it. It was recorded at Cincinnati’s own Gwynne Sound, a studio housed in the former (and quite historic) headquarters of Proctor & Gamble, produced by singer, songwriter, and producer Mia Carruthers, and engineered by the Grammy-nominated producer and engineer Adam Pleiman. There will also be an accompanying music video directed by Elite Level Mindset’s Alok Karnik.

You can hear Curb Appeal exclusively on Inhailer Radio leading up to the release date of 10/18. Tune in Wednesday 10/16 with Mid-Day Host & Music Director Nils Illokken at noon to hear the debut and again on Thursday 10/17 with Afternoon Host Kaitlyn Peace at 4 PM!

You can listen to Curb Appeal on any major music streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.) this Friday. Catch Jay Madera playing live and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new releases, shows, and more!


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