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Jay Madera's Sentimental Single, OH-126, Released Today!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

You've probably been enjoying Jay Madera's debut single, Curb Appeal, since it debuted on Inhailer in October. Today, Madera dropped a follow-up single, OH-126.

The single is a soft, reflective comment on the brevity of human life but does not evoke panic or urgency. Rather, Madera's soothing voice is a voice of acceptance. It is the calm in the middle of the turbulence of human life. Mia Carruthers, who also produced the single, provides the perfect finishing touch on the final verse through the end of the track with rich harmonies that compliment Madera's voice like a match made in heaven.

OH-126 is available now on your favorite streaming platform here and you can catch Jay Madera live at MOTR pub tomorrow night 2/1 at 10pm!



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