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Inhailer Radio Presents the 2023 Modern Rock 500: A Tribute to WOXY FM’s 40-Year Legacy

Updated: Jun 11

In May 2023, Inhailer Radio, in partnership with former DJs from the famed independent radio station WOXY FM aka 97X, will present the 2023 Modern Rock 500, a special broadcast that pays tribute to the legendary alternative radio station WOXY FM.

It’s been 20 years since the station, known as “97X, BAM! The Future of Rock and Roll,” left the airwaves, but its influence on the world of alternative rock music lives on. To celebrate what would have been the station’s 40th anniversary, Inhailer Radio has teamed up with to bring back one of its signature programs, the Modern Rock 500.

From May 22-26, 2023, the 2023 Modern Rock 500 will air in five 100-lap segments on Inhailer Radio, and repeat in the 500’s traditional Memorial Day weekend timeslot from May 27-29, 2023. In addition to the countdown, plans are in the works for an on-demand archive of the broadcast which will live on at

Hosted by over 30 former WOXY DJs sharing memories from WOXY’s 40-year run, the broadcast will take listeners on a journey through the station’s history, from its fledgling 80s days to the explosion of the alternative rock format in the 90s, and its time as an online entity in the early 2000s.

If there was one program that became synonymous with 97X, it was the annual Modern Rock 500. Borrowing thematically from the nearby Indianapolis 500, the Modern Rock 500 counted down the best alternative songs as “laps”. The Modern Rock 500 aired on 97X from 1988-2003 and continued on WOXY.COM from 2005-2009.

Now, for one final countdown, the 2023 Modern Rock 500 will feature only those songs that landed on the countdown in the past. As Mike Taylor, 97X Program Director from 2001 to 2010 puts it, "Any way you slice it, it’s gonna be 500 great tunes.”

The broadcast will also serve as a wrap-up of the 97X-focused podcast Rumblings from the Big Bush, hosted by former DJs Dave Tellmann and Damian Dotterweich. “Rumblings over the last few years has caught up with former air talent, station employees, fans of the station, and some of the artists that we played at 97X. It’s been a blast! The podcast has about run its course; but the idea of capping it with the Modern Rock 500 couldn’t be a better way to sign off,” said co-host Dave Tellmann.

In addition to the broadcast, Inhailer Radio is excited to announce a new piece of merchandise to commemorate the 2023 Modern Rock 500.

Featuring a brand new design that pays homage to the legendary radio station WOXY FM, aka “97X, BAM! The Future of Rock and Roll,” this black tee shirt recalls designs of former Modern Rock 500's, but adds a touch of Inhailer, perfect for any long-time listener.

The shirt is now available for pre-order at

Join Inhailer Radio, WOXY, and 97X for the 2023 Modern Rock 500, a tribute to one of the most influential alternative radio stations in history. It’s sure to be a trip down memory lane for longtime fans and an introduction to some great tunes for new listeners.

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Inhailer Radio Presents the 2023 Modern Rock 500: A Tribute to WOXY FM’s 40-Year Legacy" is a testament to the enduring influence and significance of WOXY FM in shaping modern rock music. This event not only celebrates the rich history of WOXY FM but also pays homage to the diverse range of artists who have contributed to the evolution of modern rock over the past four decades. It's a nostalgic journey through time, highlighting the timeless appeal of the genre and reminding us of the power of radio in fostering musical discovery and community.

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Kurt Myers
Kurt Myers
May 29, 2023

Hearing 97x again doesn’t feel nostalgic, it just seems normal. It has been so great to drive around in the car and listen again. I wish this was the beginning of another chapter.


Dealing with parental health issues. This is making my time with them easier! Soooo miss 97X!


Thank you, thank you!!! Missed 97x so much! Also glad to get reconnected with Inhailer Radio...again, thank you so much! (I would say y'all rock but figure that's been said before ;) )


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