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Inhailer Radio is on the Airwaves! | WGUC 90.9 FM HD-3 | Cincinnati Public Radio

When WNKU went off the air in 2017, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky lost a valuable resource. In the wake of the beloved station, Inhailer Radio Cincinnati was launched to fill the void. Since then Inhailer Radio has grown into a key player in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky music space providing support for independent touring and local musicians as well as a place of discovery and community for music fans.

As of May 5th, Inhailer Radio is partnering with Cincinnati Public Radio to bring our audience a third way to listen via 90.9 WGUC FM HD3.

We provide a unique listening experience 365 days/year as our DJs have the freedom to curate their own playlists from start to finish giving it that personal touch that no algorithm could provide.

“I believe that people still want the human touch in this digital age, and we are the best of both worlds,” says DJ Kaitlyn Peace.

From day one we have been committed to bringing you not only the best Indie pop/rock from around the world, but also the best of Cincinnati’s rich music scene. Every single day, music director, Nils Illoken, is on the lookout for new music that has come out locally, nationally and from around the world.

“I do this as a music lover and as somebody who wants to share that music with people that I know will love what I send them. Inhailer Radio gives me the platform to do exactly that with listeners from all over the country and sometimes the world. Partnering with Cincinnati Public Radio was a no-brainer as they have been champions of our community for decades and care about presenting their listeners with formats they normally won’t hear on most stations on air,” Illoken says.

Inhailer Radio is still streaming 24/7 via our free app for Android and iPhone as well as online at

About Cincinnati Public Radio:

Cincinnati Public Radio is the home for three stations covering Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana: 91.7 WVXU and 88.5 WMUB (local news and NPR) and 90.9 WGUC (classical music and local arts.) In addition, it provides unique programming on three subchannels: jazz on 90.9 WGUC HD2, Inhailer Radio on 90.9 WGUC HD3, and Radio Artifact on 91.7 WVXU HD2. Locally owned and operated, Cincinnati Public Radio is funded though listener donations and on-air sponsorships.


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