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In.Local (6.01.24)

Updated: Jun 7

Well, local music fans, we are back and are excited to bring you another thrilling show! We are also pleased to debut the newest track from Aaron Bates. Enjoy!

In.Local is a two hour show playing nothing but tri-state area music, every Saturday from 1 - 3 pm. 


Dream Away - The Yugos

Serpentine Prison - Matt Berninger

Fear Is Never Boring - Raisins

Golden Age - Oids

Bad Day - Bandshee

The Vowels Pt. 2 - WHY?

Bells - Echo Project

In Situ - Wombo

Escape - Sudan Archives

Believe in the Moonlight - Joey Joesph

Thunder Island - Pomegranates

Spirit - Zoo

Looking For Knives - DYAN

S.N.A.K.E.S. - Black Signal

Bury Me (With My Hammer) - Young Heirlooms

If I Had Legs - This Pine Box

Blurry - Beloved Youth

I Do My Part (Live at Legacy Soundworks) - TasteFull

Love Theme From Strangers Love Me - Abiyah

Vacationland - JV Golf

Too Many Words - Paper Airplane

I Should Go - Intro Signal

Sleep Tight, Evangeline - The Whiskey Shambles

Till next time on In.Local

24/7 Indie. DJs 7 days/week.



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