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In.Local (06.15.24)

What a hot week, both outside and dare we say all the songs below!?!

So, here's last weeks playlist for In.Local. Enjoy!

In.Local is a two hour show playing tri-state area music,

every Saturday from 1 - 3 pm. 

Dream Away - The Yugos

It's Your Thing - The Isley Brothers

Dreams - Abby Holliday

Get Out - The Almost Infinite

Hoop Du Jour - Christian Nicholas Gough

Photograph - Heartless Bastards

Too Bad - Room For Zero

Torn Apart - Boy Bandicoot

Heavy Traffic - Mockery

Forward - Grand Process

Galileo - Trauma Illinois

Killin' It - Foxy Shazam

Fan Age - Smut

Never Gonna Leave You - The Grove

God Girl - Blossom Hall

Sweet Plum - Wavelette

Ides of March - Fairmount Girls

Customer Service - New Moons

Dried Up - Ass Ponys

Don't Ask - Laurre

Diamond - Bear the Moon

Black Ribbon - The Ophelias

Till next time on In.Local

24/7 Indie. DJs 7 days/week.


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