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Cincinnati's See You In The Funnies Release New Single and Video for "C-Note"

Alt pop-rock outfit, See You In The Funnies, has been a staple in the Cincinnati music scene for as long as I remember. Today they dropped a new single, C-Note, with an accompanying music video.

C-note is the lead single from SYITF's upcoming full-length LP, Soft Pack, to be released this year. The rhythm section (Jason Hubbard-Drums, DK Dews--bass, Josh Knechtly-guitar, percussion, bass, vox) creates a firm foundation for soaring guitar solos (lead guitar-Thomas Lawrence) and singer/guitarist Jimmy Clepper's vocals are the bittersweet cherry on top. Clepper is consistently on vocally-- recorded or live-- and this track is no different. From what I've seen, the entire band consistently delivers excellent live performances and draws a devoted and rowdy-in-a-good-way crowd show after show. The song is gritty yet easy to listen to. It is a song you could dance and sing along to or get angry to or all of the above. Basically, a perfect blend of pop and rock if I do say so myself. It had me moving and [attempting] to sing along on the first listen...and the many subsequent listens after that. You can check out the music video below!

C-note is available now on all streaming platforms. You can now pre-order Soft Pack here now!



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