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Adam of The Grove Talks 5th Annual Rock N' Revival For A Cure & The Grove's New Single

Adam and Matt Forsthoefel of The Grove tragically lost their father way too soon to a rare form of brain cancer called Glioblastoma. For the past four years the brothers, along with their bandmates (Stefan Games, Jeff Voegele), have put on a full-house benefit show at Southgate House Revival and the 5th Annual Rock n Revival for a Cure is just around the corner. As always there is an incredible lineup featuring Cincinnati artists across multiple genres.

Adam graciously sat down with me to talk Rock N' Revival and The Grove's new single, Seven Pounds.

KP: Sometimes beautiful things come out of terrible circumstances. Could you share a little about why you started this event and what it means to you?

Adam: In 2015, my Father, John Forsthoefel, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma-- a rare form of brain cancer that has no cure, hardly any ways to prevent the cancer from spreading, generally attacks statistically healthy and intelligent people, and has a survival rate of generally less than two years. When he got the diagnosis, I was absolutely shocked. I couldn’t believe that a cancer like that even existed. I thought that he was invincible. When others found out he had Glioblastoma, people would approach me saying that he was “going to get through this disease” even though that was statistically impossible. I think that was one of the hardest parts. I sounded negative correcting people when I said that he was not going to get better and so I just went along with it (even though I knew deep down that he was never going to get better). If someone asked me if I wanted to know my final date on Earth, I would answer “Definitely Not”. My Dad involuntarily got that answer and unfortunately it was soon. It was a challenging time filled with hospitals, sadness, love, and constantly avoiding the elephant in the room. I put this event together because I was frustrated with the situation and had a lot of built up energy about it all. Instead of being totally self destructive, I took this energy and tried to really make something positive. Also, I wanted to spread awareness around this disease and work towards finding a cure one day. Finding a cure won’t bring my dad back, but at least someone else won’t have to go through what my family went through.

K: You raised over $10K in 2019. What is this year's goal?

A:Our goal is to beat last year's amount by hopefully making over $11,000. Our other goal is to sell out the entire SGHR venue.

K: This is one of my favorite events in the local music scene every year-- not only because of the consistently killer line-up but also seeing everyone volunteer their time and talent for an incredible cause after two of our own experienced a tragedy. What was your reaction when the first year came together and you felt the outpouring of love from the community? Did you expect the response you got? Any surprises?

A: The final years of my Dad’s life were some of the most emotional times anyone in my family has ever experienced. This event was one HUGE example of that. During the first year, my Dad was alive and attended the event. I’m so happy that before he left this world, he was able to see that collectively in one room. The support anyone has is a lot larger than they realize. Once you put them all in one room, it’s a lot easier to see that picture. I also learned that I’m one of many that have experienced a loss due to cancer. I think that is why this event was something people really stood behind. K: Is there anything else on which you'd like to educate the public regarding Glioblastoma? Are there any early warning signs?

A: The crazy thing about the disease is that there aren’t many warning signs before you are diagnosed with it. And once you are diagnosed, there is still not much you can do other than buy time with Chemotherapy (sometimes buying up to as little as a month). Just one more reason why I’m hoping we find a cure one day.

K: I know you and the rest of The Grove have some fun things planned for your sets. Is this a surprise or can you tell us?

A: Let's just say there are surprise covers featuring guest musicians of other Cincinnati bands. We always try to incorporate other musicians in this show because this event has so much unity centered around it.

K: Not only are you gearing up for the 5th Annual Rock n Revival For a Cure but you also released a new single today!

A: The song is called Seven Pounds. This song is all about the trials and tribulations of becoming a Parent. Becoming a parent is a serious life change, but in the long run it’s a really great thing. Parenting brings a warm and great feeling of happiness that is irreplaceable. The last line of verse 2 says “All endings have beginnings”. I think that’s so true with becoming a parent. You have to say goodbye to parts of your previous life and say hello to something bigger and better (“With great power comes great responsibility” - Ben Parker).

You can check out the new single below and listen for it on Inhailer!

K: Can we expect a new full length album this year?

A: We are currently writing and are definitely looking to release more singles. At this point I think we will never stop writing so it's only a matter of time before another album is released. But right now our plans are TBD.

The Grove Presents: 5th Annual Rock N' Revival for a Cure

When: March 7th, 2020 | Doors 3pm

Cost: $10 adv | $15 day of show

Purchase tickets here!

All proceeds benefit the John Forsthoefel for Glioblastoma Research Foundation.



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