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February Horoscopes: Love and The Music About It

With Valentine’s day peering its gruesome head around the corner, love is mandated to be on the brain. Venus, planet of love, enters Capricorn on February 3rd, lending Capricorn’s grounded, down to earth spirit to our romantic affairs. Established relationships may experience strength in stability and the desire to truly commit or recommit. In newer relationships, a little work may need to be done to communicate your feelings.

In addition to the fairly tame love forecast for the month, Mercury enters Pisces this month, broadening our horizons and bringing us new perspectives. Mars enters Taurus on Valentine's day, muting our passions somewhat for a slower burn so to speak. Finally, Chiron enters Aries this month where it will remain until 2027. Chiron, the healer, will be dealing with issues of the ego and the self. Although Chiron will be in Aries for a long time, the Aries nature should lend a little speed to the process.

Mood of the Month: “Wannabe” by Spice Girls - It’s all about love, but it’s really about communication isn’t? And not just any communication, CREATIVE communication. Ziga zig ah, you feel me? We’re looking for trust, communication, and simplicity. Mel B is not asking for much!! Just chat it up with her friends, see what she’s about!

Aquarius- Your new year is here and it’s the perfect time to set into motion the plans you have for yourself. Mercury enters fellow creative, Pisces, on the 10th which should amplify your creative problem solving abilities. Use this as a way to springboard into your year. As far as love, Venus enters Capricorn at the beginning of the month. This is a time to be cautious in love and not rock the boat too much.

“I Want To Know Your Plans” by Say Anything: I’m throwing it way back here for you. Plan your life for you but be cautious enough to know where you stand with your loved ones

Pisces- As your zodiac new year looms it will be important for you to focus on solving the problems that may still be lingering from the past year. Mercury enters your sign this month which lend some new perspectives and creative ways of both thinking and communicating. Valentine’s day may not be so much about the big gestures this year, but get creative with ways to communicate your appreciation for those around you.

“Side Projects are Never Successful” by Bomb the Music Industry!: You know what, it’s all about perspective. The world may be ending, but get some ice cream and take it all in.

Aries- With Valentine’s day fast approaching, love may be on your ever-passionate mind. Venus enters Capricorn early in the month, lending love a very grounded feeling. In new relationships, it may be time to demonstrate value (in a non-D.E.N.N.I.S. System way) while in established relationships this will be an auspicious time of stability.

“Gallery Piece” by of Montreal: Kevin Barnes makes it clear how he can be value to you in the most direct and Aries way possible.

Taurus- Mars enters your ruling sign on Valentine’s day which grounds Mars’ fiery tendency for confrontation and conquest. This may lead to smoother romantic relationships, quelling would-be fights. Be extra aware of emotions in others that may lay beneath the surface.

“Let’s Stay Together (Al Green Cover)” by Slothrust: This is the stability ANTHEM. Stay together, weather the storm.

Gemini- Last year saw you healing a lot of past trauma. Chiron enters Aries this month and will ring in a new focus to heal: recognizing and appreciating your sense of self. This will beginning of longer term goals in healing, so be ready for the long haul. Your luck in love this month will be about seeking out stability as Venus enters Capricorn.

“A Girl Named Hello” by of Montreal: Be conscious of the way you treat yourself. If you treated someone else the way you treat yourself would you be in jail?

Cancer- This month will be about communicating your feelings with others in different and creative ways. Mercury in Pisces may have you finding it difficult to express your feeling verbally, so channel the Aquarius sun for some new creative outlets. Your love life will prove both grounding and humbling this month, so be sure to listen to and appreciate those around you.

“Lover” by Devendra Banhart - Devendra wants to love you in so many different things outside of just telling you he loves you: open your door, fill your cup, give you his sweet grass, and mesmerize your ass.

Leo- Venus enters Capricorn bringing with a grounded, all-business sensibility about love. This may be hard to reconcile with your tendencies towards the dramatic, but Valentine’s day this year may be about appreciating the stability established loved ones provide or attempting to provide that stability to potential partners.

“Anyone Else But You” by The Moldy Peaches: It’s not about the production and the excitement, but the genuine connection between two people. Both this song and your relationships.

Virgo- Last year, Chiron’s retrograde may have stirred up a lot of past wounds for you and as Chiron enters Aries it’ll be time to set plans in motion to take your healing to the present. Consider ways of understanding and appreciating your ego and identity. Venus enters Capricorn this month, giving your love life a sense of stability and humility. Ever the lover of the practical, be sure to appreciate your loved ones by cherishing the work it takes to maintain relationships.

“Woman (In Mirror)” by La Dispute: Venus in Capricorn is about foregoing the showiness love can entail and appreciating the motions of ordinary love.

Libra- Mercury in Pisces may exacerbate your indecisiveness as the possibilities become endless. Stay focused on communicating with those around you to stay grounded. As far as matters of the heart go, you should have no problem staying grounded as Venus in Capricorn brings our love life back down to earth.

“Say That” by Toro y Moi - It may be hard to decide this month, but be content with what you do know for now.

Scorpio- Ever one for dramatics and passion, the fairly muted Venus in Capricorn may rub you the wrong way. It may be hard to appreciate your loved ones for the nitty-gritty acts of love vs. big passionate gestures like you may be expecting, but be receptive of how those around you give and take love. Be creative with how you communicate your love as well to surprise loved ones.

“Garden (Say It Like Dat)” by SZA: Be mindful how you communicate your love this weekend. How do you say I love you? How do your loved ones say they love you?

Sagittarius- Mercury in Pisces may have you feeling overwhelmed with possibilities. Look for creative outlets for everything that’s buzzing around in your head. Matters of love will be fairly grounded this month as Venus in Capricorn brings our love life back down to earth. Your tendency to daydream may be dampened this month-- stay focused on what’s in front of you.

“Love Fool” by The Cardigans: Sagittarians can be fickle in love, but don’t be love fool. Stay grounded and reasonable.

Capricorn- It’s the first month of your new year, so be sure to stay especially aware that the plans you’ve no doubt worked so hard on don’t fall to the wayside. Venus enters your sign, allowing your love language to truly shine. Love will be about finding and appreciating stability in established relationships and exhibiting caution in new relationships.

“Nightlight Girl” by Turnover: Be sure to show your appreciation for the love you have in your life. Let them know how they make it better.


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