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Death From Above: Noise Rock Duo at Bogart's

Death From Above via NME

On Sunday, November 18th, Canadian dance-punk duo Death From Above will be playing Bogart’s with the garage punk group, Le Butcherettes. Though small outfits, these groups offer a larger than expected sound, driving rhythms, and on-stage theatrics.

Death From Above consists of Jesse F. Keeler on bass and back up vocals and Sebastien Grainger on drums and lead vocals. Keeler and Grainger began working together in 2001 in Toronto. A year later the duo released their first EP, titled Heads Up. In 2004, after a legal battle with Death From Above Records, the duo changed their name to Death from Above 1979, adding the minimum numbers required to legally make their name different. Later in 2004, they released their first full-length album You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. After touring in 2005 and the beginning of 2006, Death From Above 1979 disbanded, citing artistic differences as the reason. Five years later, the duo reunited and began touring again. In 2012, their second full-length album, The Physical World, was released. In 2016, Death From Above dropped the ‘1979’ from their name. After not receiving any legal issues, they decided to officially change their name back to Death From Above. Later the same year, their third full-length album Outrage! Is Now was released.

Only having two musicians really can limit a group’s musical possibilities. Although, that is not a problem Death From Above deals with. Their music is driving, rhythmic, and heavy. Keeler plays his bass like a guitar and adds a deep and overdriven quality that Grainger sings high above with his powerful tenor voice. While doing that, Grainger is also playing complex drumming rhythms that combine with Keeler's bass riffs to keep the listener grooving.

Death From Above will be accompanied by the punk band Le Butcherettes. Le Butcherettes consists of Teri Gender Bender on vocals and guitar, Riko Rodríguez-López on guitar and synth, Alejandra Robles Luna on drums, and Manfred Rodríguez-López on bass. The group formed in 2007 in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2009, the group won “Best New Artist” and “Best Punk Record” in the Indie-O Awards. The group’s first full-length album Sin Sin Sin was released in 2011. Later that year, Le Butcherettes toured the US with the Deftones and The Dillinger Escape Plan. 2014 and 2015 were productive years for the group, releasing two albums, Cry is for the Flies (2014) and A Raw Youth (2015).

Le Butcherettes sound is raw and powerful. Gender Bender writes lyrics that are smart and carried by her strong and beautiful voice that often descends into a piercing scream. The music backing Gender Bender is driving and tight. The stripped down punk backing often changes textures or tempo on the turn of a dime keeping the listener guessing where a song is going at all times.

With both groups offering loud, exciting, and energetic music, Bogart’s will be the place to be November 18th.

When: Sunday, Nov 18, 8:30 pm8:30pm, doors open at 7:30 pm

Where: Bogart’s

How much: online price $22 + Fees]



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