Local Music Lover's Dream: Sylmar, In the Pines, and Spooky Dreamland at Top Cats

A local music lover’s dream is coming to the returning Cincinnati venue, Top Cats, this Saturday. Sylmar is hosting a double single release party with In the Pines and Spooky Dreamland.

Headlining, of course, is the Cincy-based, stoner-jazz-rock ensemble, Sylmar. The quintet is comprised of Brian McCullough (vocals); Chase Watkins (bass); CJ Eliasen (drums); Dan Sutter (guitar); and Luke Glaser (guitar). The two new singles releasing this weekend will be the band’s first new releases since its debut album back in June 2017. Notably, Sylmar was nominated for the Best Indie/Alternative Category in the 2017 Cincinnati Music Awards. Brian’s vocals will shake you to your core and the melodic guitars will leave you in a trance. The band’s shows are high-energy and both of your feet will never be on the floor.