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CMA: Fall Graduation Concert

If you're here, you love music. But if you know any musicians, how many of them have to work practices and shows around their day jobs? You've probably heard the term "starving artist" thrown around. Talent is free and can be honed with practice, but in our MP3 world, becoming a self-supporting, successful musician can be an expensive pipe dream.

Enter the Cincinnati Music Accelerator: Ohio's first career-launching program for hopeful recording artists. The CMA was founded to help musicians build the skills they need to record their music, promote themselves, perform live, and ultimately support themselves as artists. Professionals from across the field come together to teach these skills and provide them with both exposure and experience.

One class has completed the CMA program back in October; now, the organization is celebrating it's second graduation. Join them to see each student perform an original, fully-produced song, the culmination of the program.

Where: Union Hall: 1311 Vine Street

When: January 11; 7 PM

How much: Free!



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