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THE A LIST (08.11.23)

Are your headphones on? Volume all the way up? Okay, now you're ready to join us as we cover the top 10 tracks from this past week, curated to perfection.

Make sure to tune into Inhailer Friday from 11a - 3p EST as Nils Illokken, our music director, spins this list and so much more.

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#10 "Midnight Sun" - RVG

Let's kick off this Friday right with a little RVG! This single is back on our A List and we couldn't be more excited. It's angsty, it's Australian, it's passionate, and we are all ears here at Inhailer.

Yeah I know

That talking to you just don’t work

But if you change your mind

I will be waiting for you to come home

#9 "attention" - uh

Synthpop is here. to. stay. Dominic and Fionnuala Kennedy are the sibling duo behind uh. This latest release is a seven minute dreamscape track. uh says that "it’s a prose-pop jaunt, sending your attention to unknown stations of the body."

#8 "Lose My Head" - Alice Phoebe Lou

This song is honestly just a rollercoaster of emotions, and I think that's what I love about it! It's got chimes, a spacey background synth, and Lou's alto breathy vocals.

Come over here

Don't miss this chance

Oh, life's just sitting there

But love isn't always

#7 "Los Angeles" (Feat. James Murphy) - Lol Tolhurst x Budgie x Jacknife Lee

Want a song with all of your favorite legends? Well, we've got it right here. The group consists of Lol Turhurst of The Cure, Budgie of Siouxsie and The Banshees, and Jacknife, a well known producer. Then on top of that we have James Murphy as a feature?!

#6 "Milk" - Black Grape

Black Grape is back on our A List for two weeks in a row, but are we even surprised? The britpop group is known for their funky, danceable songs. Their upcoming record, Orange Head, is their first one since 2017. Black Grape said, "on this our writing’s better, we’re not feeding habits any more or living in that world where that was very important to us. Sex and drugs has gone, it’s rock’n’roll."

#5 "Rudolph" - MJ Lenderman

Man do we love some pedal steel guitar here at Inhailer! If you attended Neslonville Music Festival the other week you might've seen this familiar face. This is Lenderman's first song under Anti-Records, playing every instrument on this track except for the pedal.

#4 "floral organs" - Home is Where

How are we already at #4? You already know Inhailer is always looking for the next big midest-emo band for your ears. This single by Home is Where has a large sound filled by harmonica, bells, and a great vocal performance by Brandon Macdonald.

#3 "Cowboy Nudes" – Geese

This song = awesome. The music video... is definitely something!!

All that inside Geese is messing around with a brighter tone. It even features a congo solo in the middle of the song that transitions them into a booming second chorus.

#2 "Do Your Worst" - Vagabon

The drums in this song? INSANE. The Cameroonian-American artist, Vagabon, said this song was inspired by the club music of the European scene. This song in particular is about a relationship that doesn't quite feel right, one where the energy is not the same.

Her new record Sorry I Haven't Called is out October 15th!

#1 "Afternoon X" - Vanishing Twin

Welcome tooo #1! Vanishing Twin is back with another psychedelic masterpiece. The trio aimed to make their roles less defined with their latest album, allowing for them to experiment even more with their sound. We are so pumped for their newest album, Afternoon X, out October 6th.

See you next week, friends! Don't miss us on the A List!

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