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Interview With Mitch Klein of Mockery + Cincinnati's Newest Releases While Under Quarantine

Cincinnati's Mockery released a new single, Greasy Spoon, today. Check out my chat with Mitch Klein about releasing music during a pandemic, Mockery's upcoming album, and of course his favorite greasy spoon. Read all the way to the bottom for links to some other Cincinnati artists who have released music during quarantine.

KP: First I just want to ask how you are doing during these unprecedented times?

MK: It's tough because I’m definitely an extrovert, so spending all this time indoors is a bit maddening. I’ve just been trying to take each day as it comes, keeping my brain occupied with music, movies, games, etc. Chatting with friends on Houseparty has also been instrumental in keeping me sane. 

KP: Your new single, Greasy Spoon, came out today! Did you have a show planned for the released that was cancelled? Had you thought about postponing the release?

MK: We had three shows booked this month and a record release show booked for next month at MOTR. I strongly considered postponing everything but figured now would be a good time for a small band like ours to drop some songs while there’s a lot more free time for it to be heard. 

KP: This is your first collaboration with another vocalist, Clara Wilson. What made you decide to do that for this particular song? Can we expect more collaborations on your upcoming album?

MK: When I started writing this song I realized how cool it would sound with a strong female vocalist on the second verse and chorus. Clara and I sang together in high school choir and after rehearsing together, it was a no brainer that she was perfect for this tune. I had an absolute blast working with her and she inspired me to do some challenging vocal stuff in other songs. She’s the only collab on the album but since the virus I’ve been making new music with friends who are also bunkered down in other cities, exchanging files and building songs which is extremely fun. Not sure when (or if) those will drop. 

KP: Your new full length album is out May 22nd. Can you give us a little insight into the themes of this record? Why did you decide to name it Headcannon

MK: I think this album ultimately is about the pain that comes from depression and not letting your past haunt the future. It’s a bit heavy but I tried to present it in a fun soulful atmosphere that doesn’t have to be taken super seriously to the enjoy. It’s called Headcannon because the term “head-canon” refers to the fictional narratives fanbases add to the story outside of the established lore. I thought that was an interesting way to label this body of songs, like an artillery of music that deals with the emotions I’ve been feeling over the past 2-3 years but doesn’t have to necessarily define my overall story. 

KP: What is your favorite greasy spoon?

MK: 100% Dixie Chili

KP: What is your favorite quarantine activity besides writing/playing music?

MK: I’ve been gaming pretty hard these days. I beat Red Dead Redemption 2 last week and downloaded the Uncharted collection so playing through those games for the first time is a total rush. Once I get done with those I’ll probably go outside. 

KP: Same here...but Animal Crossing.

Download or stream Greasy Spoon now!


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