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In.Studio: Katie Toupin

Katie Toupin is doing things her way and we are here for it! Magnetic Moves, Toupin's first full-length record since leaving Houndmouth in 2016, is all about finding your voice and the confidence to make it heard. It is about doing things your way and embracing the entirety of the journey--even the messy parts. These themes hold true behind the scenes also as Toupin took on the producer role for the album which ensured that this record is 100% true to self--a gift for both the listener and the artist herself.

Toupin graciously stopped by the INHAILER studio ahead of her stop at MOTR Pub. You can catch our chat and her performance here:

You've probably heard "Magnetic Moves" in rotation on INHAILER and you can check out the official music video here:

INHAILER | INSTUDIO: Katie Toupin is presented by Joseph Toyota. Get the Joseph Toyota Advantage!



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