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Your Horoscopes: January 2019

Capricorn- As the sun shines in Capricorn, relish in it and charge forward with the plans you’ve been laying the last year. Mercury joins the Sun in your sign on the 4th and gives you the extra push to communicate your plans and to help you build a strong groundwork for your zodiac new year. With the total lunar eclipse rounding out your season, it signifies a need for you to examine what shakes your faith in yourself. Bringing these demons to light will set you up for success in the coming year.

“How Simple” -Hop Along: Discover the truth of your heart and come to terms with it.

Aquarius- The total lunar eclipse will be ringing in the beginning of your season with you this month. The lunar eclipse gives us a glance into our inner selves we may keep in the dark. With the eclipse in Leo, you likely are dealing with issues of self-confidence or self-love. Focus the month on preparing yourself to face those inner demons in order to set yourself on the right track for the new year.

“Boyish” - Japanese Breakfast: This song hits the nail on the head as far as grappling with self-confidence. However, by the end of the song she’s gained enough courage to banish that which shakes her.

Pisces- Pisces, as Mercury enters Capricorn this month be discerning with communication you give and receive this month. The full moon enters Leo this month as a total lunar eclipse. Leo’s influence will have you dealing with feelings of self esteem and confidence you may keep harbored in your darker heart and it will be important to banish those intrusive thoughts.

“Paranoiac Intervals” - of Montreal: This song deals with issues of insecurity and territory. This month can be a wild ride for romance as well, be sure to not let you insecurities sully relationships forming.

Aries- Mars, your ruling planet, enters your sign on the first of the year, so be prepared to kick off the year in your truest Aries form ready to conquer. The lunar eclipse may shake your faith in yourself, but harness the Capricorn sun and work diligently to charge ahead to a year of good fortune.

“G.O.A.T.” - Princess Nokia: This month is all about being you and nobody else. This month can be a rough one for confidence but stand your ground and do the damn thing.

Taurus- Venus enters Sagittarius early in the year so be open to new opportunities regarding matters of the heart. You tend to be sensitive and sentimental, but use this time to seek out adventure. This is also an opportune time to focus yourself on travel and otherwise broadening your horizons.

“First Date” - Blink-182: Yes, I went there. Seek out the excitement of a first date and new love/relationships this month.

Gemini- You may be very career oriented as we enter the new year and that’s excellent, but be sure to come up for air for feedback and conversation with others. You may be feeling especially fired up over your career or other passions this month and now will be the time to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in order to move forward with assertiveness this year.

“Work Bitch” - Britney Spear: *RuPaul voice* YOU. BETTER. WORK. It’s the time to get moving on the plans that you’ve been working on the last year. It’s the time for action.

Cancer- Be clear and concise when you communicate with those around you. Emotions may be running high and it may be easy to fall into confrontations, so keep a calm tone and level head when speaking to ensure harmony in your circle. Take charge in matters of your career with this same level head.

“Lilo” - Japanese House: The calm, clear tone of the song communicates the depth of emotions felt in the song. Mimic this clarity and evenness in your communication this month.

Leo- The lunar eclipse falling in your sign right at the beginning of the year may have you feeling out of sorts. You may be grappling a lot with issues of self-confidence and self-love, seek out opportunities to communicate with your support system for a plan to move forward.

“Snakehead” - Dilly Dally: It’s all about dealing with your demons and seeking out others who can relate. Build a strong network of those who can understand you.

Virgo- Capricorn’s driven energy works well with your eye for meticulous detail and planning. Use this drive to flesh out your plan for 2019 and begin work on the foundation of the year. Seek out perspectives from many sides to create the best outcome for the year.

“Over Everything” - Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett: This song is a communication between two artists giving their different perspectives.

Libra- It can be hard for you to make a decision, often lingering too long in thought. Be spontaneous in matters of your relationship this month. Seek out adventure and follow your instinct. Charge ahead boldly toward your goals of the year.

“Dreams Tonite” - Alvvays: Reflect on the opportunity for spontaneous adventure and possible love.

Scorpio- This is a high energy month for you. Your love life may be seeing new buds bloom, but be sure to see things for what they. People often forget Scorpios are water signs and highly in tune with their emotions. Be sure to rely heavily on clear communication so as not to be hurt.

“Only Acting” - Kero Kero Bonito: Don’t act like everything is fine if it’s not. Don’t hurt yourself unnecessarily and realize when the time to move on has come.

Sagittarius- This is the real beginning of a fresh slate. Last year may have plagued you with prolonged and difficult healing but this year is a year of success. Mars’ placement gives you the perfect opportunity to propel your new year forward assertively. Communicate the clear plan of action you’ve been planning the past year and take action.

“Change” - Lana Del Rey: Take responsibility for the necessity of change in your life. It’s your job to make the change.



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