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What's New on INHAILER Radio: October 30th

1. Kurt Vile - Bottle It in (Matador)

Legendary slacker-folk singer-songwriter Kurt Vile is back with his 8th full length record and some of his best work. Running at 78 minutes and with 3 songs hitting the 10 minute mark, you’d think you may get sick of it but in fact you want to get lost in Vile’s world and feel the warm and cozy embrace of his ramshackle sounds.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Loading Zones", "One Trick Ponies", "Yeah Bones"

Recommended If You Like: Cass McCombs, Real Estate, Amen Dunes

2. Madeline Kenney - Perfect Shapes (Carpark)

Madeline Kenney is a singer-songwriter based out of Oakland, CA making elegant and abstract art-rock. This is her second full length record and was produced by Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Cut Me Off", "Bad Idea", "Perfect Shapes"

Recommended If You Like: The Ophelias, Sidney Gish, Lala Lala

3. Parcels - Parcels (Kitsune/Caroline)

Parcels are a funk-pop group from Bryon Bay, Australia who decided to move to Berlin quickly after graduating high school to pursue their music career. They have a contagious unstoppable groove that caught the ear of Daft Punk early on in their career and helped co-write and produce their single Overnight. You won’t be able to get Parcels out of your head once you start listening.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Tieduprightnow", "Withorwithout", "Lightenup"

Recommended If You Like: Daft Punk’s newest record, Hot Chip, Papooz

4. Kero Kero Bonito - Time ‘n’ Place (Polyvinyl)

The sophomore full length from London based Kero Kero Bonito sees a maturity in their sound, with their lyrics still holding those playful qualities while incorporating shoegaze and stronger than ever melodies into their repertoire.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Make Believe", "Only Acting", "Time Today"

Recommended If You Like: Hannah Diamond, Superorganism, Deerhoof

5. Miya Folick - Premonitions (Terrible)

While her sound transformed on her debut full length from a folk and rock based sound to one that’s more fun and poppy, Miya Folick is still as brutally honest, vulnerable and powerful as ever. A silky smooth debut full of soaring vocals from Folick’s classically trained voice, you won’t be able to get any of these songs out of your head.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Leave The Party", "Stock Image", "Freak Out", "Stop Talking"

Recommended If You Like: St. Vincent, Mitski, Caroline Rose

6.The Greeting Committee - This Is It (Harvest)

Featuring glittering guitars, airy horns, catchy vocal hooks and a raw energy, The Greeting Committee are one’s to watch. Their debut is a dazzling collection of tracks that deliver sophisticated production and intricately textured melodies.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Is This It", "17", "Don’t Go"

Recommended If You Like: Rubblebucket, Bad Bad Hats, Sjowgren

7. Beirut - Gallipoli (Single)

Beirut is an American band originally the solo project of Zach Condon. Their music is described as baroque-pop and world-folk. Their newest record Gallipoli will be released February 1st, 2019. He will be bringing back the Farfisa organ which he used heavily on his first two albums.

Recommended If You Like: Andrew Bird, Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens

8.Toro Y Moi - Outer Peace (Out January 18th on Carpark)

Also known as Chaz Bear, Toro Y Moi is a singer, songwriter, producer, and graphic designer who was a big part of the rise of the chillwave movement of 2010-2011. He recently announced his new album Outer Peace and released the lead single from it, Freelance.

What We’re Playing Off The Record: "Freelance"

Recommended If You Like: Neon Indian, Washed Out, Bibio



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