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Sure Sure: Double Down on a Good Night with Sure Sure at Madison Live!

LA-based art-pop band Sure Sure will be visiting Madison Live in Covington, Tuesday, October 30th, as one of the stops on their first ever national headline tour. With catchy melodies and an infectious sound, Sure Sure offers a fun and friendly live show for all ages.

Sure Sure is Chris Beachy on keyboard and vocals, Charlie Glick on guitar and vocals, Kevin Farzad on percussion, and Michael Coleman heading production. The four-piece has been creating music together since 2014. The group self-produces all of their music in their house/recording studio in Highland Park, LA. Their 2016 single, “New Biome,” caught the attention of listeners around the country, massively expanding their audience. Sure Sure followed the success of “New Biome” with the release of singles “Friends” and “Hands Up Head Down.”. Indie icons like Grizzly Bear and Rostam, of Vampire Weekend, recently have lauded praise for the band.

Sure Sure’s music is eclectic with light melodies, heavy percussion, and full harmonies. Some songs, like “Hands Up Head Down,” have driving funky bass lines that propel the listener into the song’s groove. Other songs, like “Giants,” have acoustic guitars and keys playing with upbeat rhythms and catchy, lighthearted lyrics.

Sure Sure will be joined by the Tulsa- based indie rock band Wilderado. Wilderado is Max Rainer on vocals and guitar, Colton Dearing on bass, Tyler Wimpee on guitar, and Justin Kila on drums. Wilderado plays guitar-based indie rock with lush vocal harmonies. Their most recent EP, Favors, was released early this year with each song having their own take on driving guitar lines and smooth vocals.

Up-and-coming bands Wilderado and Sure Sure will be at Madison Live October 30th at 8pm offering a great night of music and dancing.

When: Tuesday, October 30 (Halloween Eve), 8pm, doors open at 7pm

Where: Madison Live

How much: Door price $15, online price $15



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