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Adventures Fest: Cool Off with Great Music on the Great Miami

Ah, the river: a place to escape the summer humidity. For some, it’s the only place, for others a typical go-to for floating on an inner tube while catching some rays and dangling your feet in the water. Cold drinks to keep your body heat low as the sun bakes your flesh to a crisp because you forgot your SPF 80 sunscreen. Somewhere in the mix, someone’s hauling along a waterproof radio on their shoulder, blaring music you don’t necessarily prefer but accept because the occasional static is more pleasant than the gossip or high school flashbacks of a stranger who once ruled these waters would be. Luckily, near Dayton, along the banks of the Great Miami River, a brand-spankin’ new music fest is preparing to host a studded lineup of local acts. The Adventures on the Great Miami will be hosting the first annual Adventures Fest on July 21. Starting at 10 AM, the festival will run until past midnight. Two stages of performers will consist of performances by favorites like This Pine Box, Shrug, M Ross Perkins, Sylmar, Lioness and headlined by the Young Heirlooms and Jessica Lea Mayfield. The Young Heirlooms are not a hip-hop group... or maybe they’re most genre-bending hip-hop group to date? You’ll have to decide for yourself. The contemporary-folk band from Cincinnati will make you rethink country tunes in a refreshing yet nostalgic way, filling you with the urge to plan a heist and dust off into the desert as the sun sets into the horizon. “Bury Me with My Hammer” would be a fitting theme song in doing so. They’ll be taking the stage as the night rolls in. The stage won’t be cooling off yet, though. For your rock-alternative-country fix, Kent’s own Jessica Lea Mayfield is set to bring the night in. From dealing with the death of loved ones to traumatic car accidents and domestic abuse, her latest music channels her transition from those hard times to an empowering outlook on the future. Songs like “WTF” bring an emo-grungy energy from the unforgiving bluegrass singer, and given the backstory, it is completely understandable. Her album Sorry Is Gone is out now. This display of Ohio’s music scene on the Great Miami is shaping up to be something of legendary status. With such a range of different music styles, the 1st ever Adventures Fest will have something for everyone and now is the time to see these acts before they launch into super-stardom. So keep the Dewalt radios at home--The Adventures on the Great Miami have you covered this time around. Boat rentals and primitive camping sites will also be available for an additional fee. More info is available on their website Where: Adventures on the Great Miami, 1995 E. Ross Rd., Tipp City, OH When: July 21st 10am - July 22nd 12am

Pre-sale tickets - $20, $30 day of, children under 4-FREE camping - $10 river trips - $25



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