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Tune-Yards: Art Pop at the Taft Theatre

Photo credit: Calibree Photography

Set apart with their unique charm, Tune-Yards brings pop into the 21st century. Formed in 2006, they’ve been performing for 12 years across the world, gaining popularity for their soft, digital sound.

The music project was started by Merrill Garbus, a New England native influenced by the cultural epicenter of New York City. The founder is diverse in music and performance, having worked as a puppeteer in Vermont and played ukulele for Montreal band Sister Suvi. Garbus brings not only vocals and ukulele but loop pedals and lo-fi percussion to Tune-Yards with Nate Brenner being electric bass. Both are now residing in Oakland, California recording albums and EPs and touring with various artists for their collective band. Since the formation of Tune-Yards, Garbus has released four albums, an EP, and eight singles, and has started a radio project, “Collaborative Legions of Artful Womxn” (or C.L.A.W.), that focus on releasing music by female-identifying artists.

Tune-Yards’ music is light, electronic, and experimental, a voice that translates the strangeness and wonder of art pop. Often compared to Sonic Youth, they have high energy and quirky music that empower the audience. Similar to of Montreal, Animal Collective, and St. Vincent, they contribute to the growing wave of music that redefines the instrument and sound. Their live shows are pristine and well-rehearsed with flashes of color and over-the-top costumes, bringing the fun-nature of their music to life.

Tune-Yards gives a refreshing take on contemporary experimental rock, their indie pop sound is invigorating and promises an exciting show.

When: Sunday, May 13, 8:00 PM

Where: Taft Theatre Ballroom How Much: $21-$24



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