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Acid Dad: Anything But Dad Rock at MOTR

Photo credit: Daniel Topete

The rise of Acid Dad has truly been a trip. The Brooklyn group leaped from self-releasing singles to a first tour including several SXSW shows. Catch one of Acid Dad’s notoriously riotous shows later this month at MOTR with Louisville’s indie rock outfit Voodoo Economics.

Acid Dad first came on the scene in 2015, after releasing tracks from their upstate New York studio. The band quickly built a buzz in the Brooklyn scene, gaining high praise from the likes of Stereogum and Consequence of Sound for their first EP, Let’s Plan a Robbery (2016). The group ran with this momentum to a nationwide tour, which included stops at the one of the best showcases for new artists of the year: SXSW. Throughout 2017, the psych punk outfit continued to tour and completed recording on their first full length, Acid Dad.

Acid Dad’s new 11-track album marries psychedelic indie aspirations with a Brooklyn punk attitude. The LP opens with an expression of the band’s range on “Die Hard.” The track inducts you into the world of Acid Dad with a lulling psychedelic intro before it throws you into the manic echoes of classic New York punk. The rest of the tracks gravitate between a lo-fi, almost Pavement-like 90’s indie on tracks like “Mow My Lawn” to hypnotic and cyclical definitively psych punk tracks like “2ci.” Acid Dad’s punk roots filtered through a psychedelic, almost surf-rock, lens establishes them as a top contender for the east coast counterpart of California surf punk group Wavves.

The Brooklyn-based band has been creating music for three years, culminating in a solid first full-length and what is sure to be a riotous supporting tour! Acid Dad promises to serve up a healthy dose of hypnotic riffs over a driving punk beat. Meet us at MOTR for a wild psychedelic night with Acid Dad!

When: Saturday, March 31, 10:00PM

Where: MOTR Pub

How much: Free! 21+



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