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Moon Taxi: Let The Record Play Review

They're an indie band, they're a jam band, they're Moon Taxi!

Good vibes, stellar grooves and catchy lyrics; this has become the epitome of a Moon Taxi record over the years, and the band’s latest album, Let the Record Play, fits that mold. You're in for an album that gives you everything you'd expect from Moon Taxi, and more. The band shows that it’s possible to roll jam band elements into their groovy indie pop/rock sound.

That jam band feeling really stands out in the track, “Moving to the City”. The song has this groove that could become a full-blown jam session live, which is something that frequently finds it’s way into a Moon Taxi set. Trevor Turndrup pours his heart out in a way that is unheard until this point the album. “Moving to the City” instantly becomes a stand out on the first listen through.

Photo credit: Debi Del Grande

“Two High” lead the charge for Moon Taxi when they began their buildup for the album last summer, and the track still stands out. There’s a dance-able beat that sticks through the song, whether it’s a quiet verse or loud instrumental break. “Two High” is song about people joining together to tackle something that is bigger than themselves: “Put ‘em up, two high. We can walk together with our hands up in the sky.”

Let the Record Play is already marked to be a stand out album for 2018, and we’re only in January! While Moon Taxi has continued to gather momentum and see their music make its way into the mainstream (anyone else see them on the Today Show two weeks ago?), the band has never failed to stick to its roots. That’s really what makes Moon Taxi special: they’ve never lost what made longtime fans love them when their first album was released in 2012. Be sure to check out Moon Taxi on March 23 and 24 at the Madison Theater!


For fans of: Grouplove, Foreign Air, soaring choruses you can sing along to

Our take: Catchy lyrics; stand-out singles; indie rock as played by a jam band




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