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Weekly Top Ten 5/26

Here are the top 10 most played albums on Inhailer Radio this week! Chosen by real humans and curated just for you. We have Perfume Genius making his debut this week at #1! His new album Set My Heart On Fire, Immediately was produced by Blake Mills and received Best New Music from Pitchfork. We have White Denim taking the #2 spot with World As A Waiting Room. Our DJ's have especially loved the topical 'Queen of the Quarantine'. Brooklyn's Nation of Language took the #3 spot with their debut gothic, post-punk/new wave 'Introduction, Presence'. Choir Boy are at #4 with their sophomore album Gathering Swans. "Sweet candy, I want a candy, uh-huh". Nick Hakim and his signature blend of psych and R&B took the #5 spot with his sophomore album WILL THIS MAKE ME GOOD. At #6, Nap Eyes are still going strong with their new album Snapshot of a Beginner. Our DJ's can't get enough of 'Mark Zuckerburg'! We have Jess Williamson and her witchy southern folk with her 4th album Sorceress at #7. TOPS are still holding strong with their 4th studio album I Feel Alive at #8. London based lo-fi/alt-rock trio Happyness are making their debut on our charts at #9 with their 3rd album FLOATR. Last but not least we have Fiona Apple still hanging on at #10 with her new critically acclaimed album Fetch The Bolt Cutters!

1. Perfume Genius - Set My Heart On Fire, Immediately

2. White Denim - World As a Waiting Room

3. Nation of Language - Introduction, Presence

4. Choir Boy - Gathering Swans


6. Nap Eyes - Snapshot of a Beginner

7. Jess Williamson - Sorceress

8. TOPS - Colder & Closer 9. Happyness - FLOATR

10. Fiona Apple - Fetch The Bolt Cutters


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